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An assessment is made of environmental influences which could affect health.
This forms the basis for consultation about appropriate protection against radiation.

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Teaching radiation 'assessment and consulting skills' to doctors,
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All our knowledge of human health is incorporated in this mattress which avoids health
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RADIATION PROTECTION–a subject that has been our focus for over 40 years!

  • Why is protection against radiation imperative nowadays?

  • What types of radiation are there and how does radiation affect our health?

  • What symptoms are clear indications of the presence of geopathic burdens?

For over 40 years we have focussed with great intensity on the cause and effect relationship between EMF radiation exposure and its effects on health and wellbeing. If even weak environmental influences affect the regenerative ability of the human body and consequently its ability to fight disease, then the basis for life with with as little wellbeing upsets would jeopardised. With the successful wellbeing improvements of patients as our goal, we developed our own technology and approach. We focus on the causes, not the symptoms!


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When health changes demand quick action

When it becomes a priority to act…

The modern era (It can’t be called anything else.) is very exciting. One technology overtakes another … kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes have become part of everyday life. There are however, other things in this modern world of networking that are important. Let us not lose sight of the fact that age-old values are important and need to be safeguarded. One value we at Geovital endorse is the priority to strive for a healthier life; without this, nothing else is achievable.

Ultimately, good wellbeing provides the foundation for a happy life. So, when your ‘wellbeing’ fails, your professional as well as your private life can be affected. The goal and the means of achieving it, should be quite obvious. However, statistically the rising percentages of common chronic diseases shows a very different picture. This is because, instead of combating the actual causes, the trend globally is to treat the symptoms.

We at GEOVITAL do give WELLBEING the focus it deserves by supporting the body’s ability to regenerate far more optimally. How do we do this? In the area of ‘radiation protection’ we use verifiable technology to protect against electronic pollution and natural environmental influences. Your wellbeing is a priority that is worth fighting for.

For your family, your partner and of course, for you.

The Geobiological analysis – A Bedroom investigation

Geobiologische Untersuchung

For a better life, besides having a good diet and adequate exercise, restful sleep is an absolute must. Everybody knows what it feels like when you have had a bad night’s sleep. For more and more people this state of ‘low energy and vitality’ has become an everyday norm.

More regenerative sleep has been the main focus of the Academy for over 35 years. Modern environmental burdens (electrosmog/EMF) and natural environmental influences have shown us to strongly affect the regenerative capabilities of our bodies during sleep. We have developed technology and materials that can be integrated into homes to provide functional protection for the bedroom. This has had an impressive positive impact on the wellbeing of our patients and clients.

The basis of any changes to be made to sleeping and living areas is the GEOVITAL geobiological investigation. Only when it is discovered which factors are contributing, can a targeted and effective approach be implemented. Without a full understanding, most approached would only generate an expense and the chance for greater success would be doubtful.

In this category we include electromagnetic and galvanic fields of natural origin. Generally, this is also referred to as Geopathic Stress or ‘earth radiation’. The most common causes of this radiation are water veins, grid lines associated with our planet’s magnetic field, fault lines and the mixing of different metals and minerals in the soil.

When the metal / copper in an electrical cable is energized and flowing, an electric field is created as well as a magnetic field. Typical household current of 220/110 volts and 16 amperes is an alternating current (AC) fluctuating at what is considered a low frequency (LF) of 50 or 60 Hertz (Hz). This form of energy (AC) does not exist in nature and therefore our bodies are not adapted to it; our nervous systems have evolved to operate on direct current (DC). So when we are exposed for prolonged periods to the relentless AC fields that we seem to find in 95% of bedrooms, it could have an effects on the whole organism.

Under wireless communication we would include the following technologies: mobile phones, smart phones, phone towers, wi-fi, cordless home phones, bluetooth, mobile Internet, radio/TV, baby monitors, radar, airport navigation equipment, etc. These technologies utilise radio frequency (RF) or high-frequency (HF) transmission. The effects on the body can impact our wellbeing just like those caused by exposure to radiation from the home electrical system. Mobile telephony transmission is the worst offender here. Most phones operate on a frequency of 2.45 Gigahertz (GHz) which is equivalent to 2.45 billion cycles per second. This continuous barrage of data packets striking and penetrating the body can cause disruptions and there is much research to support this.

Our aim is that anyone who is interested is able to afford a geobiological investigation. Therefore, the cost of the investigation is often a flat rate per bedroom that you want investigated plus an allowance for the travel involved. A geobiological examination often takes 2 or 3 ‘eye-opening’ hours! We have an active and growing network of geobiologists around the globe. If one is not nearby, let us know of your interest and we’ll be able to assist you when we come to your area or country.


  • Australia – AU$ 115 per bedroom, plus commuting fee. Incl GST.*
  • New Zealand – NZ$ 125 per bedroom, plus commuting fee. Incl GST.*
  • Germany, Austria – € 90 per bedroom, plus commuting fee. Excl sales tax.*
  • UK, USA and other countries – Contact us for pricing.

* Individual consultants may vary from this rule.

We are working to support health every day!

Development of effective solutions

All of our product development arose out of necessity. We were searching for long-term health solutions for patients and clients, more so than something to sell. This is in sharp contrast to most of our competition. It seems to focus more on quick sales than long-term health benefits, with the motivation being to cash in on the justifiable fear people have of radiation. The majority of our products provide technical protection against electrosmog (EMFs and HF) and natural radiation from the earth. Additionally, we have developed a therapeutic bed system designed to avoid so many of the health burdens found in other mattresses. It provides wonderful support for back pain sufferers and optimises our approach to create the healthiest bedroom environment for restful sleep.

Protection against common radiation exposure from home electrical wiring
To avoid exposure to electric fields found in most bedrooms we developed GPA shielding mesh and T98 shielding paint, both of which can be grounded. Often, the correct utilisation of circuit cut-off switches also plays an important role in dealing with this very common problem. These are all very effective materials for preventing low-frequency radiation exposure.

Protection against electronic pollution from transmitters like phone towers, wi-fi, smart meters, etc.
The burden of radio frequency radiation exposure is increasing at a horrifying pace. Simultaneously, putting effective shielding in place is becoming more challenging because the burden of electrosmog caused by reflection is growing stronger. With our advanced products like NOVA shielding fabric, T98 shielding paint and GPA shielding mesh, we set a high bar for overcoming this barrier to long-term wellbeing protection.

Natural health burdens from the ground, known as geopathic stress, usually originate from galvanic processes. Most people are unaware that these burdens have a negative effect on body cells. To remove these currents and fields from living areas, we have developed a shielding technology based on principles of technical interference. This technology makes it possible to deflect geopathic stress so that it can no longer act on a person asleep in bed. The incorporated oscillating circuits also support the natural frequency of the human body to provide a pleasant and harmonious vibrational field in the sleeping area.

The quality of sleep determines our energy levels and well-being during the day. With our sleep system we were able to develop a better and clean foam material, free of harmful substances typically part of the foam production process. The additional integrated stretch function also supports the spine, intervertebral discs and entire musculature. With this system, we have created an effective tool to support back pain as well as removing the burden to our wellbeing found in the design of other mattresses.

Having truly effective products available is a good approach to protecting people as well as aiming to work on their ability to restore their wellbeing. To achieve the desired effect, an inventory should be taken of the issues that need to be dealt with. This is achieved with a geobiological investigation carried out by a professionally trained geobiologist. The training of geobiologists is a primary function of the GEOVITAL Academy. Seminars on current topics such as photovoltaics (solar), cancer prevention, water treatment, orthopaedics, Feng Shui and much more, complete our training program.

Radiation-free building – Sheer Genius when possible!

There are two options when considering radiation protection. You can do it when it should be done (early and preventatively), or you can do it when the costs are higher. Ideally, your active radiation protection can be integrated into your home as it is being built. The advantage of this is that the cost of shielding material stays the same but the cost of labour is effectively less as you were going to pay for the labour to construct the home anyway. If the property is already completed, then implementing protection should be considered an ‘update’ or renovation to the home. This should not be looked upon as an expense, but rather, an additional investment in your home, your wellbeing and your happiness!

Don’t buy a sick home! With an EMF report done before you buy your property, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that issues found can be addressed; or that, in our opinion, you should consider not buying that property. Do take note: You get more than a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ recommendation. You also get an estimate of what financial investment would be needed to address the common radiation problems found in your prospective purchase. This helps you decide if this purchase brings you closer to your goal – a property that protects both your lifestyle and your wellbeing.

The success of constructing a healthier home depends significantly on the ground on which the house stands. The normal site survey is not sufficient as it completely ignores the impacts of the site on wellbeing. A Geobiological site assessment is an absolute must.

We review the presence of radiation exposure from both natural and man-made sources and how this may impact the chances of building a home that supports wellbeing. Through a technical assessment and analysis, we make sure that your family will not suffer long-term from electromagnetic radiation or strong wireless communication technology in the area. We also determine if a correction in the planned placement of the building is worth considering.

This is a popular service we render to home builders and their architects. Even if a plot of land has been Geobiologically assessed as showing no burden from electronic pollution, there is still no guarantee that the construction of the home won’t introduce typical radiation problems. The average builder or architect usually lacks the in-depth knowledge of Geobiology and Electrobiology that is required to make this very important aspect a success.

A home that has been incorrectly built from an Electrobiology perspective can be a proverbial microwave to your wellbeing, manifesting many of the typical symptoms that are now so commonplace in society. We can work with you, your builder or architect to make subtle (often behind the scenes) improvements to your design, to create a home that supports your lifestyle as well as supporting wellbeing.

To build active radiation protection into your new home is a wise decision. However, it needs to be properly implemented with the appropriate knowledge and products that have the performance you need for long-term benefit. Sadly, it is this knowledge that is sometimes missing–people buy products themselves, formulate its application themselves, or they have been advised poorly by other consultants.

A typical outcome is that the desired result is achieved only partially, or not at all. In any case, a review of your radiation protection measures may show possible gaps in the shielding, inappropriate products or approaches; and possibly, overlooked radiation sources.

Our customers and former patients speak their mind

I am loving my Theravital mattress thank you!!! It is super comfy and I am enjoying some good (much needed) sleeps. The kids seem to be doing well on theirs as well. I have previously used a Viscose -elastic (?) mattress which also moulds to your body but it was very hot in the summer however I have not had the same problem with this one. It allows a lot more air to circulate.
Sheelin, Queensland, Australia
Since using the shielding paint in my bedroom I have experienced a large decline in the number of migraines and sleepless nights I was enduring. I feel as if have my life back after five years of problems. Whether because of the paint or the new Theravital mattress I’m not sure, but I also have had no twitchy legs keeping me awake at night.
I would encourage anyone having health problems to seek an assessment from Geovital as it might be life-changing for you too.
Shirley Silvester, Levin, New Zealand
…I found the work with Geovital Academy quite inspiring. … It has helped me to assess my own, not just working but also living environment in the first instance, my own house, and potentially integrate some of the aspects of this new knowledge into my practice as well, either directly as a medical doctor or indirectly as potentially becoming an assessor for the Geovital Academy…
Dr med Tihomir Djordjic
Some months after the testing and changes of the mattress and mats, we can only say we are very satisfied! Headaches are completely gone, back pain of my husband has also disappeared and in December the baby is due!
Thank you!
Fam Eckstein, Munich
Since using his new bed, Rob has been able to sleep properly for the first time and actually feels better after lying down through the night. With his medical condition he was struggling to get relief for his spine and with his new bed, he is getting support and also comfort. He noticed the stretching sensation when lying down and while it felt different to begin with he still slept well waking with less pain. He is now able to cope with his busy hockey schedule and will be representing Australia later this year in France. Thank you from a very happy family and customer for a wonderful bed that really works.
Fiona Summons
We had been looking for some time for a new mattress, when this one was recommended to us. We have found it to be extremely comfortable and supportive, neither too soft or too hard, too hot or too cold. We both sleep sounder with this mattress.
Family Pace, Pakenham

…it was a lovely way to spend a weekend with like minded people.

Toosje Kent Frost, Kinesiologist, Cheltenham

Learn and experience Geobiology in the GEOVITAL Academy

What Geobiology is

Geobiology investigates home health with a focus on the analysis of radiation exposure from both man-made (electronic pollution or EMF) and natural sources (geopathic stress). The training of geobiologists includes a significant amount of theory as well as much practical work. Geobiology investigates intensely the different types of radiation, their effects on health and how to address these issues for long-term benefit.

For most of the participants, many previously unanswered questions are answered as the relationship between the environment and its influences becomes clear. Not without reason, more and more therapists and medical practitioners are attending our training.

Learn more

Electrobiology and Geopathy

As a student in biology class, you have already learned how the human body works. Our entire biological system depends on the transmission of signals between the brain and the cells by means of direct current (DC). The required electricity is produced in the body’s cells. If this electricity supply wains or the signal transmission is disturbed, cell communication is affected and this flows on to our immune system, cell replication, reproduction, etc.

Modern environmental pollution, especially the electromagnetic radiation from transmitters and electrical power supplies, represents a considerable burden acting relentlessly on our bodies. In our professional seminars you will gain insight into how this ongoing radiation exposure impacts human electrobiology.

Learn More