ABC Catalyst reporter suspended after review of TV program warning of Wi-Fi dangers

The findings haven’t been disproved, but ABC Catalyst is under review and reporter Dr Maryanne Demasi suspended after reporting on EMF radiation health risks

The TV series Catalyst from the ABC, featured a program in 2015, by Dr Maryanne Demasi, ‘WiFried’, about the dangers of mobile phones and Wi-Fi use (the aftermath of which, we at GEOVITAL, deal with on a daily basis). Lifting the veil that has been pulled over the eyes of so many, that live under the belief that radiation exposure from these devices is perfectly safe.

The program brought about much criticism from ‘scientists’ stating the radiation IS perfectly safe and Catalyst came under fire. The internet copy of the program remained accessible online and must have been a real eye sore for those promoting the believe that EMF is safe. Just imaging the financial liabilities governments, manufacturers, schools and employers would face, if it became accepted that EMF radiation is potentially damaging and using wireless devices can have health consequences… Lots of money to loose, that is for sure.

Some time has gone by now and surprise, surprise… the program is now being removed, Catalyst is under review and Dr Maryanne Demasi suspended.

The official line on the ABC website states: ‘The ABC’s independent Audience & Consumer Affairs (A&CA) unit investigated complaints about the program and found that it breached the ABC’s impartiality standards by unduly favouring the unorthodox perspective that wireless devices and Wi-Fi pose significant health risks.’

When Catalyst ran a program about how wonderful the implementation of Solar Power on a home is, and failed to investigate the health issues many people are suffering of those (they CAN, depending on components used, also produce electromagnetic fields and dirty electricity) there was no uproar about it being impartial. We can only hope that other programs promoting the safe use technology will be scrutinized just as much… but I doubt it, don’t you?

Not the first time Dr Maryanne Demasi was proven RIGHT

Dr Maryanne Demasi's past work has been proven right after much criticism at time of publishing

Dr Maryanne Demasi’s past work has been proven right after much criticism at time of publishing

Dr Maryanne Demasi by the way, created an excellent program in the past called ‘the heart of the matter’. In the programs it was shown that there was no link between saturated fat, eggs, meat and dairy, and cardiovascular disease. She also expressed the view that statin drugs are being over prescribed, which was no surprise. Dr Demasi was widely criticized by the ‘establishment’ and the ABC also had to withdraw the series and also apologize for the findings… (sounds familiar?)

A year after Dr Demasi released the program, Cambridge university released a study conducted amongst 600,000 patients which demonstrated there is NO LINK between saturated fat, eggs, meat, dairy and cardiovascular disease!

Journal of the American College of Cardiology commented on a study done over 5000 people considering a period of 10 years, which showed that 77% had high cholesterol and therefor fitted the criteria to be prescribed Statin drugs but it was of NO BENEFIT  due to the fact that half of them had a zero calcium score. (Listen to Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker comment on this)

These studies proved Dr Maryanne Demasi was RIGHT in what she reported on… Eventually, the same will happen here again with EMF radiation.

In the meantime, our thoughts go out to Dr Maryanne, who has taken a serious personal hit for reporting on something worthwhile. I’m sure it will have made people think, and even though the program is removed, some people will now be more careful with phones and Wi-Fi as a result of her efforts. Also those who produced and featured in the program are to be commended for ‘reporting’, which is something we don’t see much of anymore.


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A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.


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    Would be nice if you added the date on the page so we know when approximately when the event occurred. Thanks.

    • Patrick van der Burght 19/03/2020 at 11:09 am - Reply

      It was late 2015. We’ve added it to the text.

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    Hi Patrick

    I did your EMF radiation course about 2 years ago. I was living in South Australia but lucky for me and my family we have moved to the sunny sunshine coast in Queensland. I am after one of your no volt cut off contactors as seen on your web page ,as I am about to start up my electrical business here. Could you please call me on 0418846715 it would be nice to hear from you again.

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