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About Building Geobiology – Home assessments 2020-02-18T22:00:17+01:00

Geobiology is the study of the relationship between radiation factors and disease. GEOVITAL has explored this phenomena and the resulting impact on people for over 30 years.

Health is an important personal and social value. Its value is sadly often only recognised and respected when people become ill or older. Due to a dramatic increase of external factors in this day and age, we observe an increase in health problems and disease. Many of these problems can be traced back to factors like building construction methods, telecommunication, increased electrification of houses (‘wired for convenience’), Wi-Fi and other wireless technology, radio, digital tv broadcasts and Geopathic stress zones.

This situation is now becoming more well known and researched. However, there are few reputable institutions that deal with these ‘health destroyers’ and take the long term effects of their approach or products in account.

The fact is that our body’s own nervous system and thus the control of the whole organism and brain functions on electricity (Body and cell voltage 60-90 mV at 0.000 000 000 004 ampere) which is exclusively a direct current. This makes the nervous system very sensitive to outside influences. In addition to this, the body is very vulnerable to excesses of natural radiation (like grid lines) which, a bit like sunburn, leads to cell changes.

Radiation types and causes

Technical influences

  • Low frequency (LF) ˜ 220 – 240 Volt AC / home electricity
  • Low frequency (LF) power supply cables past the house and to the house
  • Low frequency (LF) train and tram power lines 16 ²/3 Hertz
  • Low frequency (LF) transformers
  • Magnetic fields of transformers
  • Magnetic fields of power supply cables (above or under ground)
  • Magnetic fields of internal wiring incorrect installed
  • High frequency  (HF) from mobile phone tower transmitters
  • High frequency (HF) from directional transmitters
  • High frequency (HF) from broadcasts (Radio, TV)
  • High frequency (HF) from in the home systems like Wi-Fi, cordless phones, baby monitors and other wireless enables technology
  • High frequency (HF) from Smart meters

Natural influences

  • Ionisation and friction energy of flowing underground water / water vein
  • Voltaic processes by tectonic movements / fault line
  • Voltaic processes by mixing of different trace elements / ground mixing (often found at foot hills)
  • Geomagnetic anomalies N-S, W-O / Hartmann lines
  • Geomagnetic anomalies at 45 degree offset / Curry grid

The time factor until symptoms manifest is in most people long. This is why in first instance the connection between ‘Radiation and disease’ is not obvious. Only after allopathic and naturopathic options have not led to lasting success (usually after 5 years) people start investigating the radiation subject again.

The GEOVITAL Philosophy

The academy has addressed this problem because it stood in the way of true success with the patients of our natural health clinic in Sulzberg (Austria). When you are healthy, you live better and happier. Our aim is to provide our Geovital Geobiologists with the best education and training because this is the only way to provide our clients/patients with what they hope to receive when they request help from a Geovital Geobiologist.

Useful protection and shielding
We are not interested in any gobbledygook! Esoteric little pictures on the wall, stones under the bed, or other comical boxes where no one knows what it is supposed to do, but you have to take the sales persons word for it. If we have to solve a problem, then the solution or invention must also be verifiable. Preferably by the client themselves…

  • Solutions must be simple and designed to be efficient,
  • must be durable and useful, and
  • with minimal effort the maximum result should be achieved.
  • So gut es geht, alle Baustellen in den Griff zu bekommen

Of course there are also homes where, due to location or construction, protection or shielding not possible is, or where it makes no sense as the cost would be simply too high. It is not common, but please do not be angry if your Geobiologist makes the suggestion to move home rather than investing money in protection or shielding.

All these little things, the knowledge of technology, the knowledge of the medical issues imbedded into Geovital’s approach and the many experiences that your Geobiologist brings with them, all makes up the quality that GEOVITAL ‘Geobiology’ stands for. If the situation proves more difficult, then colleagues and the academy are available in the background for technical support and assistance.

This is why, you should contact a GEOVITAL Geobiologist today!
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