Peter Dodd & Karen Ecclestone
Building Geobiologists

QLD – 4216 Gold Coast, Australia

Peter and Karen are longtime Gold Coast residents and have had personal family experience with significant illness. This led them to develop a keen interest in adopting healthier options for diet, lifestyle and general wellbeing which brought them to learn about Geovital. Peter and Karen attended the Building Geobiology training in Melbourne which gave them an enlightened understanding of man-made and naturally occurring radiation and the potential effects this can have on our wellbeing. They are fully supportive of Geovital’s philosophy and approach in reducing radiation exposure in our home and work environments.

Returning to South East Queensland they discussed their interests in Geobiology with colleagues and having a better understanding of exposure to the various types of radiation found many people were interested in having an increased awareness of the options available in the use of technologies that may easily be adopted for a safer home or work environment, based on informed decisions.

Peter and Karen are happy to assist those who would like to know more, may have concerns or simply wish to broaden their understanding on the impacts of radiation in the home or workplace. We can be available for assessments of existing homes, new builds and / or places of work and are comfortable to travel to areas in Northern NSW and South East Queensland if travel costs are covered.

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