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Duncan Franz
Adelaide, SA


  • Geobiologist
  • Home and bedroom assessments for radiation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Workplace assessments
  • Electronic pollution (EMF, Electrosmog) and geopathic stress
  • Consultation on emf protection and radiation shielding measures

I have an interest in health and wellbeing which was set in motion after a multi-year exposure to environmental disease. This led me to where I am today operating as a Geovital Geobiologist offering a home assessment service to help people create the healthiest bedrooms and homes possible. I also run a monthly Wellbeing Market and prior to running the market, I spent 18 years working in the corporate world in the financial services and ICT sectors specialising as a Business Analyst.

As a Geovital Consultant I look forward to sharing Geovital Assessment protocols with you and equipping your home or workplace with Geovital shielding products to enhance your quality of life, whether you live in built-up areas or in wide-open spaces.

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    Emma and Matt 01/10/2021 at 11:50 - Reply

    Duncan recently came to our home to complete a Home Assessment. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with, very generous with his time and very knowledgeable. We learnt about the impact of various forms of radiation we are exposed to in our home from naturally occurring magnetic fields to Electric Field radiation from power lines in the street, the electrical circuits in our home, EMF radiation from WiFi and 5G towers and other electronic devices in our home. Duncan taught us how to measure these readings ourselves and to make adjustments to our living space for better health. What we are most excited about is that it gave us a great insight into how to plan our next property when we build. It is quite mind blowing how many of these factors impact our health and the health of our children. Most of us are completely unaware of how small changes can have a large impact on our quality of life. This has given me great peace of mind that we are moving towards better health. We will definitely be using Duncan’s services again in the future and highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to know more about keeping themselves and their family safe from harmful radiation. Worth every penny.

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