AU News: AGL released plans for smart meter installation in South Australia and NSW homes

AGL released their plans for Smart Meter installation in South Australian and NSW homes

The word 'Smart Meter' is well hidden in AGL's website. But it is there...

The word ‘Smart Meter’ is well hidden in AGL’s website. But it is there…

Australian News:
Victoria was the trial state, Tasmania made it optional but didn’t confirm health was at risk with a smart meter installation. Now South Australia and New South Wales seem to get the focus.

Despite the fact that AGL decided to hide the term ‘smart meters’ in their FAQ page, it is now clearly spelled out on their website: Smart meters are coming to SA and NSW! Billing accuracy and monitoring are being sold to their customers as benefits. There have been many stories about raised bills with smart meters and very few of them actually lowering bills, so be careful there.

It seems the term ‘Smart Meter’, which now has much negativity associated with it, is being avoided as much as possible to not alarm customers. The term ‘Digital Meter’ is used instead.

The AGL site shows that customers have an ability to opt out if they notify the company first. They may send a letter announcing the installation, but if one fails to go through the proper process for the ‘opt out’, it is likely a smart meter will be installed, no matter if you are home or not.

What is the problem with smart meters?

Some people are already badly affected by EMF radiation exposure from their environment.

Some people are already badly affected by EMF radiation exposure from their environment.

Many people have reported health issues after the installation of a smart meter (You can find the links to much research on EMF radiation related health effects on, here). Smart meters, or Digital Meters as AGL has decided to start calling them, produce high frequency radiation to communicate with the power company and may produce dirty electricity on your wiring that can also affect health. In our opinion, when a smart meter triggers symptoms, it is often an indicator that there are a lot of other things wrong in a bedroom environment. It is then the typical ‘straw that broke the camel’s back’. Of course symptoms are a warning signal that the body is no longer able to compensate for the burdens it has been exposed to over a longer period of time. It therefor makes more sense to take action, and not just against the smart meter/digital meter, before symptoms arise.
There are also privacy concerns about the ability of a company to see what appliances you use, when you use them, when you got up, when you are on holidays, and the outside-control abilities (turning your own appliances, like an air conditioner, off for you) when you don’t stick to the power usage you agreed to for your particular electricity plan.

What should you do?

Sources of EMF radiation in your own home

Sources of EMF radiation in your own home

Well… that is your decision of course. We would recommend avoiding the installation and make sure you follow the proper paths through AGL’s processes to assure you are off their list for installation. Make and keep records of everything you do within that process, so you have a record (as proof) of your efforts and desires to not have the smart meter installed. If you write to them, make sure it is registered mail.

Read more about this problem, what you can do, where to find help, in a previous article about smart meters we wrote when Victoria was fighting for the right to not have smart meters.

Had a smart meter installed already? Consider a home assessment to address the smart meter and the other issues in your home.

Find all the details about AGL’s smart meter plans on the AGL website


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