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Brian Hoyer is an established complementary health practitioner, specializing in nutritional therapy, kinesiology and other modalities. Brian is also a US based Geobiologist and available for home assessments along the Pacific region.
05. Aug. 2017

Is wireless RF technology driving chronic infections, like candida, fungus, SIBO, IBS and Lyme disease?

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Infections kill millions of people every year. Chronic infections, however, are widespread and most health professionals agree that everyone has them. Most if not all autoimmune diseases have a chronic infection as a root underlying cause. How can Radio Frequency Radiation affect the body systems, promote biotoxins and contribute to chronic infections like IBS, SIBO, Candida, Fungus and Lyme disease?

07. Jun. 2016

Nutrients and food to support health during EMR exposure

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One of the most detrimental biological effects is the way that EMF radiation disrupts proper functioning of melatonin in the human body. Keeping the root cause in mind, emphasis should be put on the point that supplementing with these clearly beneficial nutrients is NOT better than, and does not REPLACE EMF radiation protection.