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Hans-Jörg Lübcke

About Hans-Jörg Lübcke

Dipl. Geobiologist Hans-Jörg Lübcke was been a technical advisor to the academy and retired since 2013. His knowledge is a valuable asset to patients and colleagues. He completed his diploma thesis in 2005 with the highest honors. His motto: “One doesn’t have to be sick – Ignorance does not protect from harm”.
21. Feb. 2015

Dogs and cats suffer from undiagnosed cancer

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Just like people, animals can also get cancer. In addition, dogs can suffer from complicated spinal problems. These issues are also typical for people who sleep in places burdened by radiation.

16. May. 2014

Does silver improve a sleeping environment?

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The truth of the matter is that the antibacterial effect of silver contained in mattresses becomes a health burden. That which is portrayed so positively in advertising, produces instead, a detrimental effect without equal. As all our cells contain 'good' bacteria, it is obvious that we require these to be healthy. Silver has a damaging effect on bacteria in the cells--it cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

31. Jan. 2014

Housework routines with dangerous consequences

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For 11 years now, I have been a Geobiologist. I look back on very exciting years as a graduate Geobiologist of Geovital Academy. I have not regretted my decision to give up my career in commercial cleaning equipment and to jump into the unknown territory of Building Geobiology. I haven't looked back since, after all, [...]

16. Dec. 2013

The 1 or 2% decision

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Investing one or two percent more on a home purchase or home construction can be the deciding factor whether it will be a healthy beautiful life in your dream home, or whether it is the beginning of a life-long nightmare...

18. Sep. 2013

Pros and Cons of moving the bed

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In traditional and modern Geobiology, when geopathic stress (GS) is found, the subject of ‘moving the bed’ is often raised. It is interesting that when asked about the subject of geopathic stress, every person, no matter if they are ill or healthy, promptly suggests the repositioning of the bed as a possible counter measure.