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John is a Geobiologist specialising in radiation protection and mattress health. Personal experience in restoring health of close family members by improving the living and sleeping environment has sparked his passion for this field.
02. Mar. 2016

Controversy over WiFi health dangers – ABC Catalyst TV program Wi-Fried

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A few weeks back ABC Catalyst broad casted a story on the danger of wireless radiation, showing both sides of the argument and confronting its viewers with research facts that normally hardly gets the light of day. Within a week, a concerted effort seems to have arisen to discredit the program and everyone involved.

05. Jan. 2016

The truth about mobile phones and wireless radiation

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The University of Melbourne hosted a seminar where renowned Dr. Devra Davis, a well respected and well known researcher who has written 200+ technical publications and 3 popular books, spoke on the subject of "The Truth about Mobile Phones and wireless radiation".