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Sascha Hahnen graduated in several specialities and medical training, is an author, seminar leader and CEO of Geovital – Academy. His motto: “Radiation protection is always a good thing!”
06. Oct. 2017

Video – Learn from 35+ years experience with EMFs and Geopathic Stress – GEOVITAL interviewed

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Video: Respected magazine Raum und Zeit interviewed Sascha Hahnen about the beginning, growth and current status of the GEOVITAL Academy for Radiation Protection.

24. Dec. 2014

First snow in Sulzberg reveals water veins in the landscape

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On the way back to Sulzberg, which was now covered in clouds, we were treated to a spectacular display of water veins in the snow covered meadows. There where the grass remains visible an underground water vein is present at a depth of about 1.5 to 2 meter.

22. Jun. 2014

Seven-fold increase in brain cancer likelihood

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The Swedish research group led by Professor Hardell evaluated the latest data on the effects of mobile phone radiation on the brain (1). This showed an up to 7.7 times increase in the risk of brain tumor development. Professor Hardell also states that mobile phone radiation should now be classified higher than "possible carcinogenic" and be raised to "carcinogenic".

01. May. 2014

The story about the bank manager

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One day the manager explained his health issues to me: chronic headaches of the worst kind and associated insomnia. I promised to pay him a visit with my assessment kit. As it turned out, there had been, in the past, a cancer case in the kids’ bedroom, which was situated directly beneath his own.

22. Mar. 2014

Bedwetters have a comalike sleep

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The subject of bedwetting is taboo for many parents. The family progresses through various stressful stages. The first stop is the paediatrician who will subject the child to various tests to rule out any technical or mechanical problem. This is followed by acceptance of the interpretation that the cause may be psychological—anxiety...

17. Jan. 2014

Employees with many sick days

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A department manager from the construction industry came in contact with the Geovital Academy by accident. He reported there was unhappiness in his department because for a long time the same employees became sick time and again.