Babies and radiation – Can it go well?

How much radiation from cell phones, TV,  wi-fi and natural sources can a baby or toddler tolerate?

We can no longer imagine a world without mobile phones, TV and wi-fi.

We are increasingly becoming dependent upon ‘always being reachable’. The use of all these electronic and digital communication devices has also been linked to a loss of personal attention in relationships. Family life, personal relationships and interactions with people are fundamental to life and essential for the development of infants, babies and small children. Are we still able to create a place for them of peace, quiet, relaxation and truth? And, are we still able to create a time, just for ourselves, in which we can be uninterrupted and at ease.

What impact does the exposure to technical radiation from wireless telecommunication, wi-fi and more, have on the emotional and physical wellbeing of our loved ones?

We were their age too at one time but we experienced that time very differently. Babies don’t recognise that their environment is not part of them and, as highly sensitive organisms, they are totally unprotected against radiation. The only certainty for them is the emotional contact and the close proximity of a parent or carer; sadly, technology is disturbing this delicate balance, and their lives.

Happy family protected from EMF

A happy family protected from EMF

We should be ‘reading’ these needs and, in the light of modern technology, opening ourselves up to a new form of observing. The need for rest is vitally important for a baby. The fulfilment of this need and the simple state of ‘being’ can be a qualitative contribution to their lives that a parent or carer can make. To protect against the burden of mobile telephones, wi-fi and electronic pollution (EMF) in general requires that along with love and respect, there is knowledge about the workings of electrosmog and radiation.

Professionals recommend that parents abstain from being distracted by technical devices which take away from the care and attention they are giving their child. The ringing telephone can indeed be seen as the intruder. In a study done in Germany, it became apparent that mothers spent more time talking on the phone than talking to their children. For a young child, the mental absence of the telephoning parent can’t be understood intellectually. In the worst cases they respond by ‘freezing’ and withdrawing mentally. Babies that have experienced a traumatic birth are at an increased risk of this happening.

An answering machine or an automatic diversion to voicemail would contribute to letting the day progress in a more stress-free manner. Just as an adult should be able to eat in peace, it is even more important for a baby to be able to relax when feeding or being bottle-fed. The time of feeding and eating should effectively be protected in this regard and so should the time period directly after. Babies become happy and peaceful as a result of feeding and being cared for, not when exposed to ringing telephones.

The dynamics of radiation (EMR) from mobile phones

Cordless and mobile telephones are very handy but do have their side effects. Children are far more sensitive than adults and their thinner bones allow more radiation to penetrate. The highest amount of radiation is absorbed by the head.

  • The use of a mobile phone near a child is enough to cause changes in the blood—red blood cells start to stick together.
  • The activity of the unborn baby’s heart can be influenced by a pregnant woman using a cell phone. (see abstract, see full report)
  • Use of a mobile phone before and after birth has been associated with behavioural difficulties such as emotional problems and hyperactivity around the age of school entry.

What should you do to reduce the radiation burden on an unborn child, baby or grandchild?

  • Use your mobile phone only in emergencies or for a very short time.
  • Turn mobiles/cell phones completely off during rest times as the transmitters of the phones and towers continuously emit radiation.
  • Try to use your phone only when outside. The thicker or stronger the walls, the greater the radiation produced by your phone trying to connect with the tower.
  • Do not put your mobile phone inside or near the pram, or inside the baby’s crib.
  • If you do choose to entertain or educate children by using a smart phone or tablet, make sure to turn it to ‘flight mode’ before using it and train children to do this. Never allow children to use these devices whilst positioned on the chest, reproductive area or anywhere else on the body… only in front of them on a table or on the floor. Also realise that gadgets sold on the internet claiming to harmonise or neutralise radiation don’t do anything to reduce the levels of radiation impacting on the child.
  • Stop using wi-fi. Instead, use cable to connect your computers to the internet.
  • Don’t use wireless varieties of baby monitors and keep these at least two meters (7 feet) away from the crib.
  • Do not place radios, sound machines or any other electrical devices near the bed. Battery operated should be ok.
  • Don’t place beds near power points or where there is an accumulation of wiring.
  • Have one or more circuit cut-off switches installed on the correct circuits to eliminate radiation in the children’s/baby’s bedroom. (You will need the assistance of a geobiologist for this.)

Dear parents, you hold the responsibility… You will be rewarded handsomely if you pay attention to the subtle, quiet signals of your baby and respect his or her needs for protection. Radiation exposure in babies and small children contributes to the occurrence of hyperactivity… Do you want that for your child?

You don’t have to stop doing everything. We will gladly advise you on how to deal with electrosmog and radiation, and how to best protect your loved ones.




About the Author:

Michael Greschek is a Geobiologist and Building Biologists of the Academy for Radiation protection in Niederrhein and was for many years himself a burdened patient and suffered from sleep apnea syndrome. Only due to shielding of his bedroom and the removal of electronic pollution was he able to give up his CPAP device.


  1. Jennifer 05/08/2019 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    We have a 6 month old who is already showing signs of hyperactivity. My husband uses a cpap but he also had surgery on his sinuses…I don’t know if blocking emfs would allow him to be free from it? The cpap drives me crazy. I can only be in there a short while before I start feeling effected. I am sensitive to emfs ever since being pregnant with our child.

    • Patrick van der Burght 06/08/2019 at 5:16 pm - Reply

      Hi Jennifer. Thanks for the question, it’s an interesting one. I’ve given you my answer in a video, which you can find here:

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