Bedwetters have a comalike sleep

How children become dry again…

The subject of bedwetting is taboo for many parents. The family progresses through various stressful stages. The first stop is the paediatrician who will subject the child to various tests to rule out any technical or mechanical problem. This is followed by acceptance of the interpretation that the cause may be psychological—anxiety, stress, bullying at school, disturbed child/parent relationship, etc.

One must not forget that the child is the main victim in this process. In 50% of cases, he or she has no control over what is happening. What is repeatedly observed is that when the parents attempt to take the child to the toilet during the night, the child cannot be woken and sleeps on despite being shaken.

Even in the early 1980s, paediatricians suspected that the deep sleep phases (REM phases) were too deep in children who were chronic bedwetters; thus, a comalike sleep state would dominate, preventing them from waking and taking themselves to the toilet.

Geovital had earlier gained experience with its ‘Satelit’ daytime shielding mat for office and living spaces. It became evident that these mats should not to be used near bedrooms because patients complained of less than optimal sleep. The idea arose to apply this principle to children who wet the bed. The results were promising as in early research, about 32% of children unexpectedly woke up on their own and took themselves to the toilet.

Later, this idea was expanded on by developing a geopathic stress shielding mat especially for these children. The mat not only provided the children with suitable shielding against geopathic stress while they slept but disturbed their sleep in such a way that they woke on their own and went to the toilet when needed.

Today, the Exurine shielding mat is marketed specifically for this purpose and is achieving great results.

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