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Bioinitiative Report

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Bioinitiative Report 2012

The Bioinitiative work group is a large group of professionals with an interest and in-depth knowledge of the health effects of electronic pollution. The latest Bioinitiative Report released in December 2012 was put together by 29 authors from 10 different countries. 10 of these hold medical degrees (MD), 21 PhDs, and three MsC, MA or MPHs.

It is an accumulation of available research on many different aspects and health burdens of electronic pollution exposure. It makes recommendations for governments and policy makers. It’s last version in 2007 has been referred to by many trying to fight electronic or communication ‘progress’ and this new edition is sure to surpass the impact of the previous.

On a personal level, the report may give you insights and confirmation what health effects or complaints you have may indeed be linked to domestic radiation exposure and hit home for you that shielding your home is a justified course of action for anyone aiming to recover their health, prevent health effects or optimise fertility.

You can download the 2012 BioinitiativeReport here by right clicking on the button below and clicking ‘Save link as…’ you should be able to safe it to your computer. Alternatively click on it normally and have a read in your browser.

We like to thank those responsible for making this report for their time to put it together and making it available to educate the world. We’re sure it will make a difference.

Download the Bioinitiative Report


Here are some of the section titles of the 1400+ page report: 

  • Existing Public Exposure Standards
  • Evidence for Inadequacy of the standards
  • Evidence for EMF Transcriptomics and Proteomics Research
  • Evidence for effects on Gene and Protein expression
  • Evidence for Genotoxic effect
  • Genetic effects of Non-Ionizing electromagnetic fields
  • Evidence for Stress Response (Stress Proteins)
  • EMF-DNA Interaction
  • Evidence for effects on the immune system
  • Evidence for effects on Neurology
  • Effects of EMF from wireless communication upon the Blood-Brain Barrier
  • Evidence for Brain Tumors (Epidemiological)
  • Use of wireless phones and evidence for increased risk of brain tumors
  • Evidence of Childhood Cancer (Leukemia)
  • ELF MF – Melatonin Production – Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer
  • Plausible Genetic and Metabolic mechanisms and very weak ELF MF on living tissue
  • Electromagnetic field exposure effects on Fertility and Reproduction
  • Fetal and Neonatal effects of EMF
  • Autism (ASD) and EMF and RF


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