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Book: Heilung ist (k)ein Wunder! (Healing is a/no miracle!)

Book: Heilung ist (k)ein Wunder! (Healing is a/no miracle!) 2016-10-14T23:52:54+11:00

The GEOVITAL Academy book (in German only at this time)

Sascha Hahnen completed training in medicine, naturopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy and Geobiology.

After 8 years of clinical work he became head of the newly established Geovital Academy in Sulzberg (Austria) with medical departments, research and development. Here the emphasis was put on the fields of radiation protection, radiation research and help for suffering patients.

Experiences from his time in the clinic as well as experiences from experiments and research dating from the 80s till the time of his fathers TERRA-institute have been summarised in this book. It is an introduction into the background knowledge of the cause and effects of natural and man-made radiation exposure.

Using easily understandable language, numerous photos and drawing, the author gives practical advise for the reduction of radiation, tips on how to take preventative measures, as well as a tour through 30 years of research. This gives the reader a guide to a better and healthier life.

“Heilung ist (k)ein Wunder”
Fourth edition, ISBN 3-200-00673-0

This book is currently only available in German. If you would like to order a copy, please contact us.