Building new homes healthier

Building new homes healthier 2023-08-07T09:18:27+02:00

Building Biology deals with healthier and sustainable construction. GEOVITAL expands on this to meet the medical needs of people.

Free eBook on EMF Radiation-Free Building

Free eBook on EMF Radiation-Free Building available below

Energy-efficient and sustainable building is the hot topic in these time of increasing energy prices.
However, protection against electronic pollution from high and low frequency sources (wiring, power supply, solar power, phone towers, smart meters) and geopathic stress should not be forgotten!

If effective radiation protection and avoidance is not included during the construction or renovation planning, any future overhaul to address these issues, which are likely to burden ones health and reduce ones vitality, will be far more costly.

In most cases, the knowledge that you, your builder and electrician have on this subject is inadequate because none of you know the relationships between electronic pollution and illness. To expect this of others is also unfair as you and they professionals in your own domains. Conversely, many conventional building biologists are often overwhelmed when it comes to disease issues. For this reason, it is good to have an expert of both disciplines who understands the correct approach for technology and health.


The GEOVITAL Philosophy

The Geovital Building Geobiologist is available to work with you and your architect or builder to pick up the weak points in building design – weak points that could have consequences down the track and would cost money to rectify.

Sensible planning
The success and future benefits of your home depend largely on the building consultant and the philosophy of the approach. The earlier the involvement, the easier and cheaper the radiation protection usually is. You are going to need building materials anyway… the important question is: Do you pick the materials with or without radiation protection capabilities?

By wiring the house a little differently and more sensibly, the worst of home-made electronic pollution can already be avoided. The correct selection of materials and behind-the-scenes shielding makes up the balance of success. In this regard, the electrician is usually the least desirable source of information as most lack the knowledge and experience to implement these approaches.

Radiation shielding mats submerged into the flooring or suspended underneath timber floors eliminate the excesses of natural radiation (geopathic stress).

The use of high frequency shielding mesh in the roof areas can address the electric field exposure from solar systems.

Shielding mesh or shielding paint could be used on external walls and in the roof areas which would protect the entire home against phone towers, directional transmitters and other sources of high frequency radiation, the exposure to which will only ever increase.

These are the little building blocks that make a big difference in the end. The cost of the materials is not overly important as it is more the cost of labour that will affect your outlay. This is why GEOVITAL always keeps an eye on whether its radiation shielding solutions are simple or complicated to work with and apply. It’s the little things that make the difference!

Build a home that is designed to contribute to your health and happiness, not subtract from it…   Get GEOVITAL involved today!

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