Cancer cells are radiation seekers

Cancer cells are radiation seekers

As mentioned earlier, man is a radiation avoider … but cancer cells have a very different preference.

In the past, both medicine and science have been interested to find out why cancer often appears in areas where there is increased exposure to radiation. The first medical scientific studies were initiated in 1928 by Baron von Pohl. He examined a city that was unfamiliar to him–Vilsbiburg– under the supervision of the chief medical officer, Dr Bernhuber. In repeated blind tests, Baron von Pohl gathered evidence of the link between underground streams, anomalies in rocks, and cancer.

Von Pohl – Vilsbiburg 1928

Von Pohl – Vilsbiburg 1928

By means of dowsing, he located water veins, which he found to have sixteen different intensities (dependent on the intensity of deflection of the rods). In his opinion, some were so strong that they could cause cancer. The areas where strong water veins were located were identified and marked on a 1:1000 map of Vilsbiburg.

Baron von Pohl made this assertion: that all cancer cases in Vilsbiburg (as recorded in the register of deaths), would be located on the lines that he indicated. Dr Bernhuber then contributed to the research by plotting the registered cancer deaths onto the map. This showed that the claim made by von Pohl was correct. As a result of this finding, homes that were only partially affected by the lines were also carefully checked, to see whether the beds of the deceased cancer sufferers were located near the lines. The result was that all those who had died of cancer, had been sleeping on the lines marked on the map.

Just as in more modern times, the sceptics came out of every corner and made loud claims of fraud and nonsense. So in 1930, the town of Grafenau, in the Bavarian forest, was investigated as well. But it brought the same result–all cancer deaths of the last seventeen years (as far back as records were kept) happened on the stimulation lines marked by Baron von Pohl.

A third piece of evidence arose which made an even stronger impression on many doctors. This was the fact that when Baron von Pohl returned to Vilsbiburg one and a half years later, ten more people had died from cancer and their beds were located exactly on the water veins as well.

Von Pohl - Medical congress Munich 1930

Von Pohl – Medical congress Munich 1930

Von Pohl was able to present his research at a medical conference in Munich in May 1930. In July 1930, his study of cancer, caused purely by terrestrial radiation, appeared in the ‘Journal of Cancer Research’ in Berlin. It was subsequently published by the German Central Committee for the Research and Treatment of Cancer.

Only after the war (post 1950) were scientific investigations resumed by countless doctors, physicists and scientists. The most important of these were: Dr Ing K Langen, Dr D Aschoff, Dr Hager of Stettin, Dr Blos from Karlsruhe, Dr Hartmann (Hartmann Global Grid), Professor Eugster; Dr Rambeau, Chairman of the Medical Association in Marburg; the French engineer, Cody; the physicist, Dr Wüst; Dr Wetzel, Dr Petschke, Endrös; Americans, Williams and Lorenz; Werner Hahnen, former director of the Geovital Academy (retired); and not forgetting, Dr Manfred Curry, physician and scientist from the Ammersee after whom the Curry lines are named.

Many exciting stories, and documentation can be found in the German manual Healing is Not a Miracle (‘Heilung ist (k)ein Wunder’).

Why is there a link between cancer and radiation?

Nowadays, we know more than in the past. We now know that, in addition to water veins and rock anomalies, the crossing points of Hartmann and Curry grid lines also cause cancer. Of course, geopathic stress radiation is not the only issue. Several other factors are responsible for carcinogenesis (e.g. living conditions, nutrition, stress, the mind … ). The effects of electronic pollution, like low frequency radiation (example) and high frequency transmissions (example) further add to the burden.

However, when we consider that cancer cells need seven times more energy than a normal cell for their growth, it quickly becomes clear why cancer cells accumulate where radiation is high–energy for their growth is available there.

Everybody, even a healthy person, produces cancer cells in their body. This is perfectly normal and not a problem. Our immune system produces killer T-cells which combat and destroy cancer cells. In normal healthy people, there are always more killer cells than cancer cells. Thus, the person doesn’t manifest cancer. However, when affected by external factors, the immune system is weakened and this reduces the number of killer T-cells.

Somewhere along the way, an immune system that’s functioning at 100 per cent efficiency (i.e. a healthy person) drops to one functioning at, lets say, 60 per cent (i.e. a cancer patient). When this happens, the ratio of cancer cells to killer T-cells is out of balance, and it is then that the cancer begins to grow.

Geopathic stress on the bed

Geopathic stress on the bed

Interestingly, the cancer cells that were previously circulating in the bloodstream, seem to accumulate in those areas of the body that provide the best environment for their growth. In 90 per cent of cases, where the cancer occurs in the body, correlates with where there is an intersection of grid lines in the bed; and thus, an area of geopathic stress. Here, in an area of 30 cm x 30 cm (1 square foot), there is a lot of concentrated radiation which is referred to as a ‘focus point’ or ‘hotspot’. It is similar to the analogy of concentrating sunlight with a magnifying glass.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer

To address this issue, the Geovital Academy in Austria was doing home assessments specifically for cancer patients between 2004 and 2012, as part of an internal ‘cancer blind study’. During the study, geobiologists were sent into homes as observers. They had no prior knowledge about which bedroom was affected, which side of the bed the cancer patient slept on, or which specific illnesses the affected person was suffering from. They documented their assessment results in a report, and these findings were then compared with the location in the body of the actual illnesses. In 87 per cent of over 1200 cases studied, the location of cancer development was at least within a centimeter of the location of the grid line crossing.

Conclusion: Cancer and geopathic stress radiation are directly linked.

These findings are important, not only for treatment during the acute phase of the disease, but also in the remission stage (i.e. after the patient has returned home from the hospital). Unless the situation is addressed, the person gets back into the same bed and the exposure resumes. The situation is detrimental to the patient; particularly so, if electronic pollution from internal wiring and radiation from transmitters (phone towers and other HF sources) is showered over them as it was before. The whole thing starts all over again.

In medicine, this is called a ‘relapse’. The cancer returns, usually after 3 to 5 years, because the cause (radiation) has not been remediated. Interestingly, the cancer often affects the same part of the body as it did the first time around, especially if it location matched geopathic stresses.

Objective: Using alternative healing methods to eliminate causes

When man knows how cancer develops, the reversal of the process is a right course of action.

Elimination of stress factors:

  • Change lifestyle habits and diet.
  • Prevent and eliminate geopathic disturbance zones.
  • Investigate and protect against electronic pollution and wireless communication transmissions.
  • Rebuild the immune system.

The body must once again be able to take on the tasks for which it is responsible, without continuously having to fight secondary battles, especially at night. The immune system must again be functioning at 100 per cent, so that enough killer T-cells can be produced to enable the body to fight the cancer cells independently. Thus, the body is supported to fight the cancer from within.

Radiation transmitting cell phone tower

Radiation transmitting cell phone tower

Additionally, the energy / food supporting the growth of the cancer cells must be removed. The radiation sources must be eliminated from the environment.

Conventional medical treatment in the form of radiation, and especially chemotherapy, is designed to disrupt and destroy cells and tissue. The collateral damage is immense. Especially in the case of chemo, the immune system, which is already running on reserves, is being trashed by highly toxic substances.


The main beneficiary of all of this, is the pharmaceutical company that provides the products for your chemotherapy treatments.

But why (We are allowed to ask the question.) is this brutal therapy common practice in every hospital? Why is more credence not given to alternative forms of therapy?

There are enough reputable methods, as well as literature available on this subject. Hans Gruber, cancer consultant of Krebs21, has even taken the trouble to put together a guide with worthwhile information and therapies in accordance with Dr Budwig’s protocols. You can find this (in German) in the download section of

Of course, this is not a call for a boycott of conventional medical cancer treatments. Doctors also have the right to try to save lives in acute cases. However, it would be desirable if more of the attending doctors could take off the one-dimensional glasses, and inform patients of all choices and alternatives, rather than remaining entrenched in the restricted system that hospitals and pharmaceutical industries presently operate under.

As with any disease, the timing of an approach is critical. It depends how far the disease has already progressed. Beyond a certain point and in advanced stages, the body is no longer able to combat the illness on its own. Then, conventional medicine (mostly surgical measures) are called for.

Therefore, as is so often true in life–the right approach, at the right time.



About the Author:

Dr. Fischer, doctor and oncologist, has dealt with countless cancer patients during his time in practice. He is an advocate for alternative healing methods. He has been retired since 2008.

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