Building Geobiology

25. May. 2018

Non-metal glass fibre and basalt rock reinforcement for concrete as EMF proof rebar

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Nobody should be using metal reinforcement in concrete anymore. Besides increased durability and lower cost, it can prevent hard to fix magnetic field issues due to stray current in the soil. Composite Basalt Rock and Glass Fibre reinforcement for concrete is the way to.

25. Apr. 2016

Electricsense – Lloyd Burrell interviews Patrick van der Burght

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Electricsense regularly feature interviews with experts in the field of radiation and health. Last month Lloyd Burrell interviewed Patrick van der Burght about his (or GEOVITAL's) approach to facilitate health recoveries by helping people create healthier bedrooms in order to optimize the bodies ability to have a truly restful and regenerative sleep.

09. Oct. 2015

Overprescription and Reducing Medication

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A persistent trend nowadays is the overprescription and overconsumption of different kinds of pills and medicines. Chronically ill people often have, or are presented with, no other choice. Consequently, they become stuck in a downward spiral–one in which their bodies struggle to cope with an excessive amount of prescribed medication. Read how one patient did very well in reducing her medication after improving her home.

24. Dec. 2014

First snow in Sulzberg reveals water veins in the landscape

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On the way back to Sulzberg, which was now covered in clouds, we were treated to a spectacular display of water veins in the snow covered meadows. There where the grass remains visible an underground water vein is present at a depth of about 1.5 to 2 meter.

16. May. 2014

Does silver improve a sleeping environment?

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The truth of the matter is that the antibacterial effect of silver contained in mattresses becomes a health burden. That which is portrayed so positively in advertising, produces instead, a detrimental effect without equal. As all our cells contain 'good' bacteria, it is obvious that we require these to be healthy. Silver has a damaging effect on bacteria in the cells--it cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

22. Mar. 2014

Bedwetters have a comalike sleep

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The subject of bedwetting is taboo for many parents. The family progresses through various stressful stages. The first stop is the paediatrician who will subject the child to various tests to rule out any technical or mechanical problem. This is followed by acceptance of the interpretation that the cause may be psychological—anxiety...