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29. Mar. 2018

HEALTHY LIFE – a Lifestyle Choice

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Gabi Steindl is a Professional Athlete - 'Here’s a list of day-by-day, simple choices all of us can make in favour of our health. It contains everything else than “new” revelations and should just serve as a reminder for very basic healthy habits that all of us can develop and nourish.'

26. Jul. 2017

English Workshop in Austria attracts global participants

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Students of this year's English workshop in Austria came from further and more wide-spread than ever before. Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Poland and Denmark, amongst others were all represented.

31. Mar. 2017

Geovital’s Geobiology EMF Training Course in Braintree, Essex, a total success

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Another UK Geobiology workshop was a great success. Geopathic stresses around the church training site proved very informative.

08. Jun. 2016

USA GEOVITAL workshop in LA well received

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It was fun, interesting, confronting and empowering (as always). The GEOVITAL workshop in Los Angeles attracted students from across North America, from different backgrounds, with no, minimal or extensive experience in the (home) health industry. With the initial 2 (FULL) workshops behind us and nothing but rave reviews, it is safe to say people are appreciating what they are getting.

03. Jun. 2016

Professional Athlete Gabi Steindl chooses a Physiologa mattress as performance enhancer

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What I’ve come to realise in over three decades of being very active and especially in my career as professional water-woman is that staying fit as well as achieving top performance levels does not only come down to the right training & nutrition. There is yet another factor coming into play, one that often is overlooked: SLEEP

25. Apr. 2016

Electricsense – Lloyd Burrell interviews Patrick van der Burght

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Electricsense regularly feature interviews with experts in the field of radiation and health. Last month Lloyd Burrell interviewed Patrick van der Burght about his (or GEOVITAL's) approach to facilitate health recoveries by helping people create healthier bedrooms in order to optimize the bodies ability to have a truly restful and regenerative sleep.

18. Sep. 2015

Austrian radiation assessment training attracts international students

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The students who had come from all across the world to the English workshop at GEOVITAL Austria, had lots of fun, were hungry for knowledge, and wanted to know everything about Electronic Pollution and Geopathic Stress. Geobiology training in English is available at our school in Mexico; the school in Melbourne, Australia; and in Hastings in the UK. Despite this, many make the effort to learn at our HQ in Sulzberg.

18. Jul. 2015

UK Geobiology students stop traffic

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The first group of students in the GEOVITAL UK training course was made up of exceptional specialists in their respective fields. Hastings, famous for the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, proved to be the perfect location to teach about electronic pollution and geopathic stress.