Cell phone tower radiation from the manhole cover at your feet

When the manhole cover starts to transmit microwaves
and you have no idea it is near you

As a result of an increasing number of users of various apps (small programs on smart phones), the volume of data and broadening of data requests, has increased to levels never considered possible.

Dietmar Hohn, IT specialist from Wolfurt explains: ‘Today, people are using a variety of different small apps on their smart phones. These can be communication tools like Whatsapp, Twitter, or apps to help in everyday tasks – Many of these apps are running in the background and constantly receive and send data. The sailors here on Lake Constance for example, use a variety of weather apps. Some of these programs update their weather report every 5 minutes. All this activity obviously requires a lot of data to be moved around.’

The hunger for data was increasing even before Pokémon go

Data consumption increases drive the development of hidden RF transmitters

Data consumption increases drive the development of hidden RF transmitters

Also the new trend Pokémon go sucks up large quantities of data. Some players complain that on some days the internet connection is so bad that is leads to game interruptions. Especially many young people have discovered the Pokémon go game as a way to spent their free time.

Popular programs like Whatsapp also contribute significantly to this amount of data with the uploading of photos, and above all, videos.

The amount of data consumed by the smart phone users by surfing, streaming and downloading, doubles approximately every 12 months. In order to meet the hunger for data, in particular to satisfy demand in the urban and pedestrian areas, mobile telephony operators and antenna manufacturers are looking for new transmission possibilities. For this reason mobile operators are aiming to supplement this restricted flow of data through several smaller transmission cells, so called micro cells. In addition to light masts, street lanterns, transmission lines installations and advertising pillars, we now see street surface manhole covers used as transmission points through in-built antennas.

Kathrein cell site under the manhole cover

Kathrein cell site under the manhole cover

Micro cells under the manhole cover have a reach of up to 300 meter (1000feet)

Kathrein developed a ground-mounted antenna called the Kathrein StreetConnect which will be up to the task. The manhole cover consists of one unit with four antennas, which function according to the Mimo-principle. Mimo stands for “Multiple Input Multiple Output” and is a practical technique for sending and receiving more than one data signal simultaneously over the same radio channel by exploiting multipath propagation. A special challenge was to construct the antenna and its mount, so that it withstand the insensitive vibrations of the everyday road traffic.

The antenna unit (white) is placed under a round manhole cover. This is not made of metal, but made of a special plastic, which also withstands the heaviest of loads passing overhead. The metal and black plastic ring serve as the mechanical connection to the road surface. The whole unit is directly installed near an existing cable shaft to tap into the existing landline infrastructure. Swisscom developed the concept of the micro cell, used Ericsson as network supplier and Kathrein for the antenna solution.

Strategically, the manhole covers offer immense advantages but places microwave radiation at close distances

The manhole cover can be selected based on the shortest and best connection to the electricity network and telephone network for data transmission. The electrical and communication cables can also easily be brought to the manhole cover using existing underground pipes and passage ways. It is not necessary to find a house roof and to carry out lengthy and expensive negotiations with its owners, to set up new mobile phone transmitter points all over the city. The city, with is usually tight financial restrictions, instantly becomes a grateful partner in the implementation of these devices.

Costly health related legal battles can be cleverly avoided
if the residents can’t ‘see’ and don’t know a cell phone transmitter station
is hard at work near their home

These high powered transmitters, camouflaged as manhole covers, are of course not perceived by anyone as cell phone (tower) transmitters. The resident is not even aware of the fact that in front of his home or in the immediate vicinity, a mobile phone radio antenna is hard at work pumping radiation into the environment. Lengthy and costly debates, arguments and court proceedings are cleverly avoided by people simply not being aware of what is around them and what may be causing or worsening their health issues.

You can see that there is no limit to the ideas and abilities of industry and there will always be new ways to fill our environment with microwave radiation.

GEOVITAL recommends here, as it has always done: Please, let your sleeping environment, and specifically your body whilst laying in bed, be assessed for high frequency radiation levels.

Ignorance does not protect against health damage

The sooner you protect your bedrooms and nursery, the better it will be for you and your family…

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You have to see it to believe it…


Funny video made for Halloween 2016

About the Author:

Michael Greschek is a Geobiologist and Building Biologists of the Academy for Radiation protection in Niederrhein and was for many years himself a burdened patient and suffered from sleep apnea syndrome. Only due to shielding of his bedroom and the removal of electronic pollution was he able to give up his CPAP device.

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