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Home assessments for radiation
Consultants that know what they are doing

The global team comprises of approximately 280 Building Geobiologist who have extensive training in electrobiology and geobiology. Of these, most have a scientific background and come from different disciplines, including medicine, electrical engineering, physics, computer science and architecture. This interdisciplinary cooperation provides our patients/clients with a solid and sound knowledge base to help them analise their electronic pollution or Geopathic stress exposure.

GEOVITAL consultants charge relatively little for a home or bedroom assessment. Especially considering an assessment often takes between 2-3 hours! This way, anybody can afford to get have their home checked and receive very important insights into what may be burdening their health or recovery.

By selecting the country you are in, in the menu above, you will find consultants in your area and the main Geovital office / school. If you find no consultants close by, please contact the Geovital office directly. We can then see if a consultant may be traveling to your area or we can organise for this to happen. Geovital directors and trainers are frequently flown around on customers requests and for lectures and presentations.


View online: GEOVITAL introduction brochure: Radiation-free living

Duration estimate

Bedroom and home assessment and consultation on applicable solutions: 2 to 3 hours incl.measurement report

Contruction assessment for new built homes:  2 – 3 hours with discussion of requirement

Pre-purchase inspection (‘Don’t buy a sick home’): 1 to 3 hours depending on intent of the assessment


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