Geovital in Australia

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Geovital and its consultants in Australia

Head office and school

For information about assessments, products and training, feel free to contact Geovital directly:

Patrick van der Burght, Geovital Academy

Patrick van der Burght, Director Geovital Australia and New Zealand, Geovital Course Director.

Geovital Academy Australia
Trading name of Blue Remora P/L
PO Box 389, Bellingen, NSW 2454

Contact details:
Tel: +61 (0)3 9020 1330
Senior Managing Partner: Patrick van der Burght

View our ‘statement of understanding’ you will be asked to sign before we can start a home assessment.


Geovital Consultants

Don’t a consultant near you in the list below? We may have Geovital trained affiliates, which are not listed here, near you whom we can recommend.  Call us.

Geovital consultants in the Victoria:

Geovital consultants in the New South Whales:

Couple thank consultant

It is the long-term benefits we are interested in

Geovital consultants in the Queensland:

Geovital consultants in the Australian Capital Territory:

Geovital consultants in the South Australia:

Geovital consultants in the Tasmania:

    Geovital consultants in the Northern Territory:

    Geovital consultants in Western Australia:


    Our consultant do travel. Let us know your interest for a home assessment so we can keep you posted. The following consultants will be in different locations than their normal place of work:



    We need more consultants around the country. Find out more about our courses.

    No one near you?
    Patrick van der Burght, director of Geovital Australia, is available nation wide and so are some of his consultants.
    We can be available for direct travel to you, or you may be able to take advantage of someone coming to your area for other reasons.
    If you let us know you are interested, we can make an appointment to come see you straight away or keep you posted on our movements.