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Geovitial and its consultants in Singapore

For information about assessments, products and training, feel free to contact Geovital directly:

Patrick van der Burght, Geovital Academy

Patrick van der Burght, Geovital Academy International

Geovital Academy


Contact details:

Tel: +61 407 680 812 (based in Australia)
Contact for international inquiries: Patrick van der Burght

or use contact form below.


Geovital Consultants based in Singapore

Couple thank consultant about EMF protection measures being suggested

Couple thank consultant about EMF protection measures being suggested



We need more consultants around the world. Find out more about our courses.

No one near you?
Geovital consultants are available world-wide.
We are available for direct travel to you, or you may be able to take advantage of us coming to your area for other reasons.
If you let us know you are interested, we can make an appointment to come see you straight away or keep you posted on our movements.
Please find the contact details of Geovital International with the contact details provided above.


Contact Form for Geovital head office

Contact form


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Bedroom and home investigation and consultation of solutionsRadiation protection existing homeRadiation protection home being builtPre-Purchase inspectionNatural health mattressesGeneral product inquiryTrainingWorking with Geovital