Court orders phone towers off over cow deaths

French court orders 4G phone tower antenna deactivated over cow death and milk production concerns

Forty cows out of 200 has died inside a year and the farmer saw a significant drop in milk production within days of the phone tower being turned on. The mayor of the town (Philippe Molhéra) had approved the installation of the 4G phone tower but now testified in the farmer’s favour.
The lawyers for the mobile phone tower operators claimed there is no scientific evidence that links electromagnetic fields with affecting animal health. There are thousands of studies linking radio frequency radiation to harming human health. The WHO even classified it as a possible carcinogen class 2B (same as exhaust fumes). There are also many studies on animals (most studies are done on animals in labs) but there is very little research on cows. Many people have feared that the recent death of birds is linked to phone tower radiation and the new 5G network.

Residents afraid of phone tower

The residents of the French town including its mayor fear a “catastrophe on human level”. The problem is that the shut down has only been ordered for 3 months. Research showing health effects of phone towers tend to not notice ‘immediate’ effects on humans. It takes time for radio frequency radiation to ask its toll and 3 months may not be long enough to prove anything related to people. It will be interesting to see if cow milk production goes back up and the death rate in cows reduces.

Studies on the dangers of phone tower radiation

Without much effort we find research on long term exposure to phone tower radiation. Here are just a few.
For more information about the French farmer and the order to turn off the 4G phone tower, go here (Connexion, English) and here (Ladepeche – French).
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