Does silver improve a sleeping environment?

Does silver improve a sleeping environment?

This is a subject that has kept both science and energetic medicine busy for the last 4–5 years and interest in it is now growing to alarming proportions.

Various European mattress and bedding manufacturers are trying to cultivate a new trend by weaving fine silver threads into bed materials such as linen, mattress covers and blankets. They are also trying to incorporate very small silver particles inside mattress foams. Ever since, the alarm bells have been ringing among researchers, geobiologists and health practitioners in the fields of energy- and bioinformative medicine.

Manufacturers justify the use of silver in bed and mattress materials because it functions as an antibacterial. Their aim is to remove the ideal living conditions for dust mites that the inside of mattresses, pillows and bed coverings provide. Silver is portrayed as a ‘natural antibiotic’ which kills bacteria–it’s an ingenious fact with massive potential for product development and marketing; and indeed, a lot of money is being made.

There may be a small amount of truth in all of this. However, this philosophy also comes with an avalanche of disaster in the form of disease, and even therapy resistance–for those people who are continuously lying on these materials and are surrounded by them.

The harsh and undesirable truth about silver and silver threads in mattresses and bedding materials

The truth of the matter is that the antibacterial effect of silver contained in mattresses becomes a health burden. That which is portrayed so positively in advertising, produces instead, a detrimental effect without equal. As all our cells contain ‘good’ bacteria, it is obvious that we require these to be healthy. There is a natural symbiotic relationship between good bacteria and the body. Countless bacteria protect our skin–our first layer of defence. And billions of bacteria live in our gut, without which we could not survive. Silver has a damaging effect on bacteria in the cells–it cannot distinguish between good and bad bacteria. If we would simply not include silver threads in bedding and mattress coverings, we would stop the continuing disruption to the protective bacterial layer of our skin.


Nanoparticles with toxic effects

SIlver in the bloodstream

What does silver in the bloodstream do?

The nanoparticles of silver are another problem. By having direct contact with the skin, some are inhaled and thus destroy our intestinal flora. This may sound far-fetched but this was confirmed by a doctor from Vienna who wondered why the intestinal flora was ruined amongst a group of friends. As it turned out, these friends had placed a group order for mattresses containing silver during a home party some years ago and had been sleeping on them ever since. So, how does this work?

The findings of a biologist on this topic

We all move around significantly during our sleep. After all, people are on their mattresses 6–8 hours every night. The first few years, not much happens but, eventually after several years, material fatigue starts to develop. The movements inevitably have an abrasive effect and damage the silver threads. Once the silver threads are damaged, the smallest particles (silver nanoparticles) are released into the air. They are transported along by air currents and eventually find their way into the body through the airways–into the lungs, into the stomach and ultimately into the intestines.

Once these tiny particles make their way from the respiratory system into the bloodstream, they cross the blood brain barrier and reach the brain cells as well as other regions of the body (i.e. the stomach and intestines). Silver, having a bacteria destroying effect, damages cells and tissues. As well, skin bacteria and intestinal bacteria, which we need to maintain our health, are killed off.
Therefore, silver is much like lead, amalgam, and aluminium (which we find in roll-on deodorants and sprays), in that it has a toxic effect on people.


In addition, the findings of energetic and informational medicine are of importance

Everything is energy and everything in nature has its own energy vibration. In energetic and information therapies, the patient’s energetic vitality is often tested by the use of bioresonance equipment and nosodes. There are over two thousand different nosodes, and with these, all parameters of the person can be tested. This testing method uncovers the background causes of physical suffering. It also gives very accurate information about any foreign substances which are a burden to the person. All substances which we are surrounded by, or which we eat, have their own unique vibrations by which they can be identified (e.g. pollen, minerals, metals, house dust, food). These vibrations are stored as information in the nosodes and this is a crucial factor in the therapist’s testing.

In bioresonance tests, a strange phenomenon became apparent in the last 4–5 years. Some patients had become untestable due to what bioresonance practitioners referred to as ‘reaction rigidity’. The bodies of these patients had a resistance to reacting to the nosodes. Additionally, the patients suffered from other symptoms which included nocturnal restlessness, morning fatigue, high blood pressure, problems with the autonomic nervous system, headaches, general pains, hormonal imbalances, heart problems or muscular tension. Beyond this, they also suffered from psychological problems; their lives were overshadowed by uncertainty and fear.

The interesting thing was that all these patients tested positive for silver. They all had slept on bed materials with silver threads (or other materials with silver mixed through them). In many cases, they had done so for several years. However, there were also cases where this ominous reaction rigidity occurred within 3 or 4 months of using materials with silver components. The reaction rigidity was made worse by the presence of gold or amalgam fillings; as well as by the presence of metal structures like braces, pins and the like.

Energetic medicine practitioners realised that a kind of vibrational chaos was created whenever silver was in contact with the skin. This was made worse by having metals in the mouth. It was found that the energetic vibration of silver suppressed the human body with great success and opened the door to disease. As soon as these patients were no longer exposed to bed materials containing silver, their bodies were again responsive to therapy.


Silver as shielding against electronic pollution

Some manufacturers of bed materials containing silver even advertise the statement that silver ‘helps to protect against electronic pollution problems’. This statement is false from the moment a person lies down on these kinds of mattresses. Silver, being metal, functions as an antenna and is a highly effective conductor of electricity. Bed materials containing silver propagate low frequency (LF) radiation from home wiring and HF radiation (from mobile phone towers, radio, TV stations, radar, etc.) throughout the bed. This radiation is attracted to the silver like a giant antenna and worse still, is reflected back out again. The person in the bed is unknowingly being bathed in radiation.

Every person is affected by this radiation when they are exposed to it for longer periods of time. No matter whether you believe in electrosmog or not, it is always present and it is especially harmful in situations where it is attracted or reflected by silver materials. The person is lying inside a cloud of radiation. For this reason, from the perspective of environmental medicine and Geobiologists, the selling point that silver bed materials are effective against electronic pollution, is simply untrue! The exact opposite is the case. This has been proven and demonstrated with field instrumentation in hundreds of bedroom assessments done domestically and internationally. It is with good reason then, that Geovital recommends to its patients the use of antistatic, electrically neutral, non-toxic specialised foam mattresses with cellulose Tencel covers–which of course are free of silver.

Geovital Academy developed something totally new twenty-eight years ago, which was a world first and is still the pinnacle of modern mattress technology today. It is the therapy mattress made from Geovital foam with orthopaedic stretch-effect. The body, the spine and the joints are gently extended and stretched during the rest period. This is ‘therapy’ while you sleep. These special mattresses are also surprisingly inexpensive and, as an added advantage, do not require special support frames.

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Dipl. Geobiologist Hans-Jörg Lübcke was been a technical advisor to the academy and retired since 2013. His knowledge is a valuable asset to patients and colleagues. He completed his diploma thesis in 2005 with the highest honors. His motto: “One doesn’t have to be sick – Ignorance does not protect from harm”.


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    This article is the most voodoo bullshit I have ever read.

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    Just bought a Silver stranded Mattress that was weaved with Silver Strands last Week, the Beginning of March.

    I AM ALARMED that I wasn’t made aware of this Information before I bought said Mattress.
    For that I have NO ONE to blame except Myself.

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