Dogs and cats suffer from undiagnosed cancer

Cancer – Our pets often suffer undiagnosed

According to a survey conducted by the market research institute Spectra in 2012, 22% of Austrians own a pet. The most popular are cats and dogs. Very often people own multiple pets or replace them quickly when one dies. The reasons for owning a pet are different. The most popular reasons for getting a dog are: as a companion, to work on ones fitness levels and as a protector.

Not to be forgotten is the ‘cuddle’ factor. Every pet owner knows the wonderful feeling of petting a cat or dog and the feeling of closeness and warmth.

Did you know that sick people often have pets?

The desire to be ‘close’ becomes even more intense when an illness binds us to bed, or we simply don’t feel well. Owning an animal is good for the body, mind and spirit.

Of course, the beloved cat or dog, often seen as part of the family, can also become ill. It is surprising that many people will be concerned about the welfare of their pet much quicker than their own health. The visit to the VET is never too long and the cat and dog take their place as a priority in the heart of the family.

Cats, dogs and radiation – Completely different, yet similar

Some animals are are radiation seekers and some are radiation avoiders

Some animals are are radiation seekers and some are radiation avoiders

Just like people, cats and dogs also need a certain amount of earth energy to live healthy. It is interesting that cats are ‘radiation seekers’ and they choose to locate their living and sleeping places there where there is a lot of geopathic stress. A cat needs more radiation than is recommended for people.

The exact opposite is true for dogs, as they fall into the category ‘radiation avoiders’. No dog would choose a location where there is an intensive burden of radiation from the ground – Geopathic Stress! If the dog is forced to endure excessive levels because its owner has placed the dog bed or dog box over an area of geopathic stress, then the dog will inevitably get ill.

Dogs often suffer from undiagnosed cancer

Just like people, animals can also get cancer. In addition, dogs can suffer from complicated spinal problems. These issues are also typical for people who sleep in places burdened by radiation. My experience as a Geobiologist has shown that people rarely ask for a geobiological assessment of their pet’s sleeping environment. The opinion that ‘the vet will sort it out’ seems to be very common, even though the cost of having one or more sick pets can become very expensive. Unfortunately, very few vets know about the effects of radiation exposure. Sadly, this is a phenomenon that we as Geobiologists are used to from human conventional medicine.

Clearly, not every occurrence of an ailment or disease in a pet is linked to geopathic stress or electrosmog. I mean this especially in the case of dogs, who often suffer from spine related issues. In addition to the prescribed therapy of the veterinarian, often specialist healthcare products for animals are utilised eg: special mattresses with spine support.

A human version of this, are the patented therapy mattresses created by our GEOVITAL Academy, in conjunction with Orthopaedists of Vorarlberg. These offer an orthopaedic stretch-effect and can be customised to patient’s individual body measurements and shape. This is physiotherapy and wellness in your sleep! Over the last 12 years I have been fortunate enough to free hundreds of patients from their (often decades long) suffering of spinal issues, by just making the switch to these specialised mattresses.

The geobiological home assessment and implementation of radiation protection in a home, especially the bedrooms, is the foundation for healthier, radiation-free sleeping and living. It would be logical for the home owner to also have the resting place of their four-legged friend measured and assessed. The sleeping place can often be moved if needed. If it is not possible, maybe due to the lack of available space, the entire room can be protected against earth energies with a ‘Satellite’ shielding mat. The Geovital Satellite’ mats have, by the way, been implemented with great success in large livestock barns (cattle, pigs, horses etc) for over 30 years.

When things go well for our beloved pets, people will feel well too.

When things go well for our beloved pets, people will feel well too.

Disease is usually expensive (for both man and animal)

The death of a beloved pet, due to a serious illness, can be an enormous mental burden on the pet owner.

For a little expense, an optimal living environment can be created for both man and animal, through a geobiological investigation and the subsequent implementation of radiation protection products from Geovital, which have been successfully tried and tested for over 30 years.



About the Author:

Dipl. Geobiologist Hans-Jörg Lübcke was been a technical advisor to the academy and retired since 2013. His knowledge is a valuable asset to patients and colleagues. He completed his diploma thesis in 2005 with the highest honors. His motto: “One doesn’t have to be sick – Ignorance does not protect from harm”.

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