Dutch Court Ruling – Cellphone Tower’s Low EMF Radiation Can’t Be Excluded

Dutch Court Ruling – Cellphone Towers Low EMF Radiation Can’t Be Excluded as Cause of Health Effects

At a court ruling in the Netherlands, the judge has ruled that increased health risk for a resident near a planned new cellphone tower cannot be excluded as possible cause of health risks.

To quote the court ruling:

“In the court’s opinion, looking at all the arguments, with reference to scientific literature, it is not excluded that even a field strength of less than 1 V/m, and therefore also in the case of the plaintiff, may involve increased health risks.”

Which is absolutely phenomenal. Finally, after many, many years there is a sliver of hope here for those trying to fight the erection of cellphone towers and the increased radiation cellphone towers produce. Especially the people who suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity have felt ‘ignored’ for a long time now. Though possibly, by this court ruling, people who want to take action against the installation, erection or expansion of antennas on cellphone towers in their area, have a precedent to refer to.

Municipalities will have to now start weighing the health interests of their residents (not just the more sensitive or those who are already noticeably affected by radio frequency radiation) when coming up with their local antenna policy and the applications of telecom companies wanting to put more radiation into the air an environments. This Dutch Court Ruling that Cellphone Towers may very well cause harm and can’t be ignored may see local governments and telecom companies hold liable.

Plus the ICNIRP limits have basically been invalidated by this ruling.

More details on the Dutch Court Ruling that Cellphone Tower Radiation can’t be excluded as health risk even at low levels.

Good news!

For more information about some of the research available visit out EMF Research links page on this site and that compiled in the Bioinitiative Report found at bioinitiative.org

The below interview sees Patrick van der Burght interviewing Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe who is a long-term campaigner against EMF Radiation

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Daan de Boer is an experienced EMF Radiation Consultant and Geobiologist in the Netherlands.

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