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GEOVITAL Seminars, courses and workshops: Learn and experience something new

Those who learn more, know more
Complex subjects are explained in an easy way at Geovital Academy.

Everybody is welcome: Regardless if you are a therapist, medical practitioner, Architect, trades person or you have a private interest, we welcome you to our educational program.

Geovital Academy offers seminars, courses and workshops in which the knowledge we have built up over the last 30 years is passed on to those interested. Some use it professionally, others privately, so we try to offer a wide range of interesting subjects.

From technical to health – exciting topics such as electrobiology, biology, dowsing, shielding techniques or pathogenesis are discussed, shown and practiced.

Training in English

Live-workshop Geobiology
Geovital Academy in Austria (Europe) offers the full scope of courses and seminars but most are in German. Our live-workshop in Geobiology (EMF and geopathic stress assessment and mitigation) is available through our academies in Austria (once a year), Australia and the UK.  We attract and welcome both national and international students in any of our schools.

Online course in EMF
Patrick van der Burght offers in-depth approx. 22 hour online courses in which EMF assessment and mitigation is taught. It misses the important ingredient of geopathic stress assessment skills, which is a must have for our official consultants, but it does allow to gain an enormous knowledge base from the comfort of your home before investing in international travel and accommodation.

Learn everything about our workshops and courses here and learn how to offer radiation assessments in your local area.

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