Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Electricsense – Lloyd Burrell interviews Patrick van der Burght about radiation protection and healthy bedrooms

Burdened with electrohypersensitivity (EHS), Lloyd Burrell decided mot to keep dwelling on the negative, but focus on the positive because “I am a positive person” he told me. Lloyd Burrell is the author of “Beating Electrical Sensitivity – The Path to Tread“ and started an information portal about the dangers of EMF radiation, but more importantly, what people can do to improve their situation. Lloyd has an extensive number of followers and newsletter subscribers.

Patrick van der Burght shielding apartments from EMF radiation

Shielding apartments against EMF radiation

Electricsense regularly feature interviews with experts in the field of radiation and health. Last month Lloyd Burrell interviewed me about our (or GEOVITAL’s) approach to facilitate health recoveries by helping people create healthier bedrooms in order to optimize the bodies ability to have a truly restful and regenerative sleep. This has been the approach GEOVITAL’s natural health clinic has been implementing since the 80’s! Radiation protection and shielding play an important part in this, as well as our toxin-free mattresses. A logical approach and system to help those with chronic health issues, by allowing their own bodies to do what it can under the right circumstances.

30 years of practical experience in EMF radiation protection… why haven’t you heard of GEOVITAL?

Apartment building being protected against radiation by Geovital

Apartment building being protected against radiation by Geovital

Lloyd Burrell started the interview by admitting that he had only recently heard of me and GEOVITAL. This happens frequently and the fact we have been under-the-radar for a long time is easily explained. GEOVITAL’s main business language is German and only after I started announcing in English on the internet, what we have been doing for over 30 years, were people in the English speaking countries able to find us.

We may be the ‘new kids on the block’…
but these kids bring 30+ years of patient focused
practical experience to the table.

No wonder people are excited to find out about us….

A powerful hour of radiation protection and health recovery knowledge

The interview with Lloyd Burrell was a passionate heart to heart in which we found out we are very much on the same ‘wavelength’ in terms of values and long-term health interests. I was pleased to be able to bring some new distinctions and logical approaches to the conversation much to the delight of Lloyd Burrell. Some of these are:

  • Where EMF protection matters most: There are a lot of things one can do to reduce radiation exposure and also lots of things to buy. Understanding the logic that the body rests and regenerates (fixes itself… or is supposed to..) at night, and therefor ensuring that the bedroom environment is indeed radiation-free is the absolute most important action to take.
  • How to measure EMF radiation exposure: When interested to know if the body is under stress from radiation… it makes more sense to measure the body instead of the air. Our body is an antenna, and in our experience it is a far better indicator of the home and bedroom situation. Therefore, in our opinion, measuring the ‘AIR’ in your bedroom (even after many costly ‘shielding products’ have been applied) doesn’t really tell you that much on how your body is doing.
Patrick van der Burght - healthy mattress

Patrick van der Burght explains many features of a truly ‘healthy’ mattress and its links to a healthy bedroom as well as EMF radiation.

The benefits of shielding properties: Once we had shielding products with the right performance levels (something lacking in most, as the higher frequencies are ignored) AND healthy ingredients, we’re confident to say that shielding a bedroom or home with our T98 shielding paint enriches ANY home. In different countries where GEOVITAL is active, we are also involved in more elaborate and more mainstream building projects.

  • The importance of a mattress that is designed around all naturopathic health principles: People sleep 8 hours a day on a mattress. The mattress has an enormous influence on how restorative sleep is. We value the deeper issues, like: Oxygenation to the skin – not having hidden intolerance reactions to materials used – being antistatic – washable covers – metal-free to avoid an antenna effect and of course exceptional spinal support.
  • You are able to listen to the interview here (normally restricted to paying subscribers when the interview is older than 24 hours) courtesy of Lloyd Burrell of Electricsense.

    Click on the image to listen to the interview and see what is involved in creating a healthy bedroom for health recovery. Some of the featured videos can be found in the table below.

    Thank you

    We have been somewhat overwhelmed by the response this interview generated. Thank you all for reaching out and apologies if it took a little while to get back to you.

    A thank you also to Building Biologist Martine Davis of in Wisconsin, who attended my workshop in LA recently, for recommending to Lloyd that I would make for a valuable guest for his Electricsense interviews.


    Want to see some of the videos mentioned & shown in the interview?
    Click on the tabs to view them.

    See a typical bedroom situation.

    Most measuring instrumentation don’t show you what is really going on in the bedroom. Electrical wiring produces these sort of situations in 95% of bedrooms we go into. Dr Carlos Loredo-Ritter and Sascha Hahnen elaborate. Also visit our EMF radiation research page.

    Geovital is involved heavily in a large development of 9 apartment buildings on the shores of Lake Constance in Germany.

    Man-made as well as Geopathic Stress radiation is addressed by us in this development on request of the progressive building wishing to offer ‘healthier’ homes to their purchasers. People are starting to see the value of protecting their home.

    We discovered a long time ago that assessing the body instead of the air for levels of radiation, was a far more informative way to find out if the the body is under stress. This video shows this different very clearly. Especially in the lower levels of exposure, an air measurement may not show you that you are still being burdened.

    Watch this all the way through. There is an important punchline at the end when you see someone go into our shielded building.

    What to see where ‘healthy living’ comes from?

    Our facility in Sulzberg and have the mattresses explained to you in greater detail?

    Have a look at the difference, before and after.

    This is part of a whole series on how to shield a bedroom. It is not a difficult process. Not all parts are available on Youtube, see them all here.

    A new example of the Wifi creeping into our lives everywhere.

    This toy uses Wifi to upload kids conversations to the internet. Besides privacy concerns and dangers, the radiation exposure is yet another contributing factor in the lives of children that are already being exposure to radiation at never-before seen levels.

    Read the whole article about Hello Barbie’s radiation exposure and warn/share it with your friends.

    A start to finish example.

    This even shows a patient of GEOVITAL that had wonderful health results from having his previous residence radiation shielded. Now that he has moved to his new home, our patients symptoms have come back. This story start at the investigation of the new home and creating a proper environment in this new place. Find out more about home assessment for radiation.

    A start to finish example.

    This even shows a patient of GEOVITAL that had wonderful health results from having his previous residence radiation shielded. Now that he has moved to his new home, our patients symptoms have come back. This story start at the investigation of the new home and creating a proper environment in this new place. Find out more about home assessment for radiation.

    Understanding test report about the effectiveness of radiation shielding products is not as easy as you might have thought. You’d be forgiven for misinterpreting them, but this does allow clever marketing people to pitch to you a product that seems to be worth while, when in fact it might not be. We made a series of these video, that can be found on Youtube, but here is one about performance.

    We now offer out workshops in the US.

    Have a look what is involved. Interested? Then contact us early. Classes are kept small so fill up quickly. More information about our course can be found here. Or view our calendar of events for dates.