Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) recognised as disability

Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) recognised as disability in France and compensation payments are forced to be paid

Many people have battled the system trying to get justice when affected by radiation or EMF. Whether this is for brain- or prostate cancers of mobile phones, ringing ears or headaches from a recent smart meter installation, a raised blood pressure or the forming of a brain cancer cluster since the erection of a nearby phone towers or not being able to stand being in a work or school environment where the space is filled with wireless transmitter radiation. Occasionally, those who put themselves on the line to fight the system, are successful and their successes do set a precedent for further cases of radiation health affects and electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Ms Marine Richard – Electrohypersensitivity sufferer in France

It just happened, Ms Marine Richard from France was successful in having the court force the ‘La Maison Départementale des Personnes en Situation de Handicap (MDPSH)’ to pay her compensation in recognition for her electrohypersensitivity (EHS) disability. Ms Marine Richard commented that she thought it was the first time in France that Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) was being forced to be recognised as a disability. She gracefully allowed the decision to be publicised in the hope it would assist other sufferers of electrohypersensivity (EHS) world-wide in their efforts to get justice for what can be a life-limiting situation pushed on them by others. (see the court papers below)

Court papers of electrohypersensitivity EHS disability payments forced to be paid to Ms Marine Richard in France

Court papers of electrohypersensitivity (EHS) disability payments forced to be paid to Ms Marine Richard in France

What is Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and what is life like when affected by it?

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity EHS as disability

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity EHS as disability

With our expertise being the effective investigation and protection against domestic radiation, with a long-term health and patient focus, we have, besides the many families who have a chronic health issue conventional medicine can’t help them with, many patients that are Electrohypersensitive. The health horrors experienced by them and the range of limitation that life presents to them can be enourmous and for an outsider maybe sound unbelievable. During our home assessments, electrohypersensitivity sufferers will often open up to us as they can tell, we have seen many like them with similar stories.

Electrohypersensitivity (link to Wikipedia) is also know as Electrosensitivity, Electrical Sensitivity (ES), Electromagnetic HyperSensitivity, Electromagnetic Sensitivity, Technology Allergy and a few more varieties. It can be defined as physiological condition which is characterised by neurological and immunological symptoms which flare or intensify when, or after, the exposure to electric fields and electromagnetic radiation.

This radiation is, for example, caused by electrical wiring (ranging from power supply from high voltage power lines, to in-the-house cabling), electrical devices like energy-saver lights, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, dimmers and wireless transmitter sources like:

  • mobile phones
  • phone towers
  • Wi-Fi
  • bluetooth
  • baby monitors
  • smart meters
  • cordless phones and their base stations
  • radar and airport navigation systems
  • wireless NBN internet supply
  • and lots more…

The symptoms of electrohypersensitivity can be extremely wide ranging: itchiness, dizziness, headache, extreme fatigue, tinnitus, memory problems, irregular heart beat, skin symptoms and much more.

Later we’ll touch on the fact that all of us seem to be affected by radiation, even though we may not necessarily be symptomatic, but for those suffering from electrohypersensitivity this may mean, for example, that their life is affected in many ways:

  • Unable to be in public places with Wi-Fi (shops, schools, hospitals…)
  • Unable to stay near people with mobile phones
  • Feeling generally ill due to exposure in their home from outside sources like phone towers and smart meters
  • Unable to go on planes
  • Most cars can be an issue, but Hybrid or Electric Cars are certainly.


Sensitivity or an end-stage of exposure? What about the rest of us?

With a life-time of exposure to EMF radiation, are we all on a path to electrohypersensitivity?

With a life-time of exposure to EMF radiation, are we all on a path to electrohypersensitivity?

We hear it often from those with electrohypersensitivity ‘I couldn’t bare to work on the computer anymore at first…‘ or a new patient might say ‘At first my mobile phone started giving me a headache from long calls…‘ and so there seems to be a progression of severity of the symptoms causes by electronic pollution before our patients got to their debilitating condition they now refer to as EHS. So we should ask the question: If nobody is born with electrohypersensitivity, are we all slowly on our way there?

In our experience this certainly seems to be the case, although not everybody gets to the end debilitating stage, but rather seems to be affected by one of those chronic health concerns that our modern world is now so filled. High blood pressure, digestive issues, headaches, cancers, fertility issues, miscarriages, bad sleep and general low energy.

It seems the those with Electrohypersensitivity have been most severely affected, but the rest of us is certainly not immune to the affects of radiation exposure and your life may already be affected. Scientist certainly warn that many of us are being killed prematurely by electronic pollution exposure.



EHS sufferers being taken advantage of intentionally or unintentionally – What products don’t work.

As with any condition which most governments don’t recognise, there is a flood of products available to electromagnetic hypersensitivity sufferers. Sadly, most are a complete scam and don’t do anything. Some are constructed of materials that have merit but it is used completely inappropriately, or people with no extensive experience on generating health recoveries through functional radiation protection are making recommendations based on assumptions and use products too inferior to provide long-lasting results.

With so much misleading or inappropriate advise and products on radiation protection, it is hard to find the right approach

With so much misleading or inappropriate advise and products on radiation protection, it is hard to find the right approach.

We see it so often, it tears your heart out. People, often not well off financially because the symptoms have been affecting their ability to earn an income, have spent hundreds or thousands to put a product or an approach into place which yet another ‘expert’ recommended them, and not much has changed. We then have to start all over again. GEOVITAL deals with radiation under a patient focus and not with a product sale focus. This means the health recoveries of our patients have been the only benchmark for our approach and solutions. There is no place for gadgets and mickey mouse products when trying to support or reverse electrohypersensitivity.

Some if the products that don’t work or offer nothing substantial for electrohypersensitivity (EHS):

  • home radiation harmonisers, balancers and EMF neutralisers
  • stick on products for your mobile phone
  • crystals
  • copper rods


What to do against Electrohypersensitivity (EHS)

The approach is simple to understand, let me explain, it is very important to read until the end. – The human body is designed to rest and regenerate at night. During our sleep we repair the damage from the day we’ve had, and we prepare for the day that is coming. The bedroom is therefore the most important place when it comes to supporting our bodies’ ability to regenerate and fight disease optimally.

Most bedrooms (95%) NEED improvement when it comes to radiation!

In most bedrooms we go into, the internal wiring causes constant exposure to radiation. Even if you unplug every appliance and keep everything electrical out of the bedroom, the situation is almost always like in the video shown below. Under these circumstances you can’t expect to sleep and regenerate properly and so without that, you have lost the biggest strength in your fight against electrohypersensitivity or any other health concern.



When the cells are exposed to the typical electric field exposure we see in so many bedrooms, cell receptors can be knocked down and of course we can then expect Cardiovascular problems and Neurological problems

Dr Loredo-Ritter – Part of Geovital medical faculty – “When the cells are exposed to the typical electric field exposure we see in so many bedrooms, cell receptors can be knocked down and of course we can then expect Cardiovascular problems and Neurological problems.”

This must be addressed, but it must be done properly with product designed for long-term benefit. GEOVITAL enjoys its reputation today because for over 30 years it has been interested in a patient’s health result. We have therefore made many distinctions when it comes to radiation assessment and protection. This in sharp contrast to product sales orientated companies, where price point and turn over seems to enjoy the focus, or many well meaning individuals and even organisations that make theoretical assumptions about how radiation should be measured or addressed without extensive practical experience.

When it comes to radiation assessment, we believe the best source of information, whether or not the body is under stress from radiation, is…. the body!  Not the air, which is what most people measure to assess the situation (video: Body or Air?). When it comes to protection, the solutions must be verifiable and especially when it comes to high frequency wireless transmitter radiation the performance of products used must protect significantly against the higher frequencies like 8, 12, 20Ghz and higher. Also ingredients used, must not be a burden to health and at these two fronts is where sales-orientated products fall short dramatically and end up being products only, but no solution.


Get advice from those with experience with patients

Couple thank consultant about EMF protection measures being suggested

Radiation protection should be logical, verifiable, well thought out, done with products designed for health support and based on extensive experience.

If you are going to address radiation exposure in your home, then realise you are worth it, to have it done properly the first time. Contact a GEOVITAL consultant or office to come and help you. You could even come and do training with us and learn to help yourself, those you love, and your local community if you would like to do that.

We congratulate Ms Marine Richard with her victory in the court and thank her for the fight she put up on behalf of many that will follow.



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A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.


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