EMF Assessment, Mitigation and Business Start-up Course

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If you wanted to start helping others with EMF radiation and EMF protection, why learn just the theory of EMFs…? You should learn the theory bur also practice doing an actual home assessment under supervision, AND learn about how to start and run your business. Gain more confidence and avoid the start-up delays, costly mistakes, and missed growth from simply doing the wrong thing.

Patrick’s Signature Program for EMF Consultant Training

the EMF Assessment, Mitigation and
Business Start-up Course

Students say it is the most comprehensive EMF consultant training to get you ready to enter the industry

When using the 3 modules the course can be described as: Self-paced and Guided-Online Course with weekly LIVE review sessions online (EMF1). The 12 months of largely industry specific Business Skills training, website copy and supervised online EMF home assessments for those with their equipment. And for a limited time, official ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ training accredited by the Cialdini Institute (EMF2 Expanded Edition). And the
In-Person Workshop focussed on Practical EMF radiation and Geopathic Stress training (EMF3).

Amateur to PRO
Online Theory
Online Supervised Practical
In-Person Practical
Business Start-up Training
Your own website

This is why this course came to be…

‘Learning to assess EMF radiation is not that difficult, but it is a lot to take in. Our classic workshops are great immersion experiences where for a number of days both theory and practical skills are taught. However, you can only absorb so much, right?

In my new style online course (launched February 2019) we enable students to learn from recorded training sessions at their own pace within a week and we then meet online each week to summarise and review their learning. Knowledge is absorbed over 6-7 weeks and that would have to aid retention. If we extended on this experience and met for a shorter in-person workshop where we could focus even more on the practical, that would have to be an even better experience for most people.

As most people come to the training because they want to help others and start a business doing assessments… I thought it would be valuable to include EMF business start-up as part of the course. Later when we realised people could use help with goal setting and achievement, a time management course was added to the program for fundamental life skills. Shifting the aim… from only learning to assess and mitigate EMFs… to helping with knowledge on starting your businesses and getting things done.

I would like to see people turn their dreams of helping others and creating a rewarding business, into reality.’

Patrick van der Burght


Learn the finer details of electronic pollution in a comprehensive partially self-paced and partially guided liveonline course, combined with an in-person workshop, whilst also focussing on getting your assessment business started and going.

In this course, business start-up skills and knowledge is taught to get your more confident and successful in starting your home assessment business.

Learn about radiation EMF and Geopathic stress

Investigation and mitigation of EMF radiation is a valuable skill for many professionals


Why ‘online’ training for EMF radiation assessment and mitigation combined with a purely practical in-person workshop?

Online EMF course in progress.

Online EMF course in progress.

A classroom environment gives personal interaction, but you do need to commit a fair bit of time to it and be ready to absorb a lot of information in a short time. If we can let you listen and look at presentations of the ‘teaching’ which you can play, pause, rewind and replay, even after the course ends… then you’d be able to study at your pace (within a given time) and we can meet online for shorter sessions to make sure you learned what needed to be learned.

The First Module (EMF1) can see you working in the EMF radiation industry soon

The EMF1 module has expanded and improved over the last years and is basically a stand alone program (!). In clever ways we get you enough knowledge to start doing practice assessments to gain confidence. Shortly after you could start earning money helping people with their EMF issues at home. We encourage EMF2 and or EMF3 participation but you can start working and earning your investments back, after just EMF1.

Why combined online EMF training with a workshop?

Using the self-paced and guided online experience of EMF1 to teach you the theory involved in this subject, we’re able to shorten the in-person workshop and focus on more of the practical without having to cramp a lot of theory in there at the same time.

The result is:

  • A more spaced out experience. More time to absorb the theory whilst still getting you on the tools and working fast.
  • More time for us to invest in your ability and confidence to start a business,
  • More time for practical application of your knowledge in the live supervised online assessments for which you don’t need to leave town, and ideally followed by
  • ‘In-Person’ Practical Assessment workshop in one of 4 locations around the world (Austria, Australia, Canada or Malaysia)


What is in the online learning portion of this program (EMF1)?

EMF1 is a stand alone program and can get you started in this industry. You’ll be provided with:

  • an advanced online knowledge centre where you can access the teachings of the course at your own pace within a given time frame (often a week) by mostly watching videos you can pause, rewind, review and you’ll be able to go back to them after the course has finished. And,
  • live online review sessions using Zoom, where we review that week’s information and your learning through live group sessions, and
  • Review of assessments, most of which are designed to get you ready for offering services to others.


What is in the Business Sessions and Online Practical module (EMF2)?

EMF2 aims to get you more business skills and the creation of a basic website copy is included. It also offers the opportunity to do (or witness) a supervised home assessment whilst senior consultant watches you via a video call/zoom. For a limited time, the official ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ training worth USD 1497 is included in special version/edition of EMF2 for those interested! And all from the comfort of your home.

  • Limited time: Official ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ training accredited by the Cialdini Institute available as upgrade in ‘EMF2 Expanded’ edition.
  • Creation of a basic website copy on a domain and hosting you purchased
  • Supervised online assessment opportunity and be invited to other EMF1 or EMF2 students doing this during your EMF2 access period.
  • 12 months access to new EMF2 online knowledge centre with business focussed training.

Setting you up for a great EMF consulting start – EMF2 further explained

Patrick supporting you… Cialdini Institute training for ‘Ethical Influence Practitioner’ – Limited time

We are excited to include for a limited time only*, a USD 1497 course with official Cialdini Institute accreditation subsidised by Patrick for you. It will teach you a vital business skill that you will enjoy and implement in business and life in general. Regardless of ethical applications as EMF consultant, you will be benefiting from the new detailed understanding of the psychology of persuasion in any other business or employment you are involved in. You will be adding ‘Cialdini accredited Ethical Influence Practitioner’ to your curriculum vitae. 

In any business, your success will depend on getting other people to see the ethical merit of your proposed actions. You product and skills can be legendary, but if you can’t communicate it optimally to your audience, you will not be successful in growing your business or enriching their lives.

Dr Robert Cialdini dedicated his life to the question of what drives people. Why do we agree with one person and disagree with others? Why do we not comply when a request or proposal is stated one way, but we will comply when just a few things in the request are changed? His life’s work and especially his book ‘INFLUENCE’ is seen to be one of the most important communication insights around the world.

Find out more about this amazing program, here.

Website for your new EMF business

Talk about value! As part of this program (doing EMF1 EMF2 and EMF3), Patrick will include a number of valuable tools for your EMF consulting business:

  • We have a template website designed to be a basic contact point for your business (no shop). We will customise it with some of your wording and a few images and once you’ve organised (paid for) hosting and a domain, we’ll have it uploaded there for you and hand it over to you. This way you’ll have your website (which can be a little daunting) already organised. Valued at USD 500.

Business Skills training access for 18 Months

Let’s not leave it at great EMF training. Let’s dedicate more time in helping you get skilled and confident to start your EMF work. As part of the EMF2 module, you’ll be able to access pre-recorded Business Skills Sessions online on subjects like:

  • General Business Skills and Know-How
  • Public speaking
  • Exhibiting on EXPOs
  • Body Language
  • Effective communication skills
  • Hosting a webinar
  • Videography for content creation
  • Creation of a Youtube channel and its banner artwork

If you enrolled in EMF1 and EMF2 at the same time, this may mean that you could start learning about the business of doing EMF assessment work BEFORE your EMF1 starting date!

We’re developing a seperate online knowledge centre (OKC) just for EMF2 to which you will gain access. This OKC will release to you pre-recorded business training sessions. Access to this will stop approximately 18 months after enrolment.

Live sessions are held at different starting time to suit different time-zones.

UNIQUE: Supervised online home assessment opportunity

For those who have purchased their GEOVITAL meters during the EMF1 course OR during their EMF2 12 months access (if enrolled), the opportunity exists to do a home assessment in your own home, or that of a friend, whilst Patrick or a senior consultant supervises you via a service like Zoom. This is like doing a home assessment with Patrick or senior consultant next to you. Besides a big boost in confidence, this also represents a value of about USD500-1500.

During the assessment other students may be invited to watch as well and the session is recorded for later educational purposes. You may therefore be able to witness other real home assessments during your EMF1 course period or 12 months EMF2 access period. More ‘in the field’ experience to learn from.

Prerequisite for any version of EMF2 is EMF1 enrolment


What is in the in-person workshop portion of this course (EMF3)?

With the theory out of the way before you come to the workshop, the following can now be focussed on:

  • Practical use of instrumentation
  • Investigation of home(s).
  • Theory of Geopathic Stress
  • Practical training in Geopathic Stress assessment

Prerequisite for EMF3 is EMF1 enrolment and having completed up to the 3rd review session on ‘the home assessment process’, OR having completed a Classic Course (the original GEOVITAL course with 3-4 days of theory and practical combined) in the past (no free repeats on EMF3 workshop).


Modular approach – Start quickly, get involved in the industry and travel to do an In-Person Practical workshop to boost your skill and confidence

GREAT FLEXIBILITY in starting your path. The guided online training is a stand-alone program (referred to as EMF1) and quite comfortably gets you ready to start practicing assessments and even starting a business doing home assessments. EMF2 is there to add business and organisational skills, plus the opportunity to create a website copy and do a supervised online home assessment without the need to travel. The In-Person Practical workshop (EMF3) can only be done when EMF1 has been attended up to week 4. As we can host online courses (EMF1) more frequently, we enable you to enrol in the first EMF1 with a vacancy and get started in the industry quickly.


DISCOUNT for couples – Couples do well in our industry. You can bounce ideas off each other, spread the work or do it together and you only need one kit of instruments until you get too busy. For the online EMF1 course, couples can receive a 50% discount on the second participant’s fees for this course provided:

  1. one access to the ‘online knowledge centre’ is used,
  2. both partners log in on the one computer and one webcam during online live sessions, and
  3. if continuing to do the EMF2 ‘Business and Online Practical’ module, the added inclusion of a website copy is only provided to the couple once.

On EMF2 couples can enjoy also a 50% discount provided that if they do an online assessment, the couple does one as a couple.


IMPORTANT: Do not register for course from which you cannot attend the live sessions online or in-person sessions. If you missed a lesson/session, you can’t automatically jump on another course to catch up there. We would love you to join us later when you can, but seats for ‘catch-up-students’ are strictly limited to not overload the workshop experience and the course suitable for you, may not have space. A cost can be agreed on to attend a course and occupy a spot not intended for catch-up students. – The point is: Join a course where you intend to make it to the planned events or raise your limitations before booking.


What will you learn in this EMF Radiation Business Start-up course?

The total course of EMF1 and EMF2 will be surprisingly comprehensive.
You will learn theory in the online course (EMF1):

  • the sources of radiation found in modern life and the different types of radiation.
  • the measuring instrumentation Geovital recommends and the logic behind the approach.
  • any other measuring instrumentation that you may add to your tool kit later and some popular amateur meters are also reviewed.
  • how to do an assessment. We will show you various purpose-made training videos not found on Youtube within the online knowledge centre to enhance your learning experience. This is then repeated and expanded on during an in-person workshop you will want to attend.
  • elimination and shielding solutions will be explained, their use, limitations, and versatility in sound approaches.
  • how you can tell and justify the difference between the performance of our solutions compared to that of cheap alternatives.
  • our therapy mattresses and how they form an integral part of a healthy bedroom approach that has served well over 250,000 patients.

And in addition to this when you invest in the EMF2 module:

  • Business Skills Sessions over 12 months
  • Website copy made for you
  • (!) For those who choose to purchase the GEOVITAL assessment tools during their EMF2 12 months access, an optional guided online home assessment session is available so you can assess your home whilst a supervisor and other students observe and all learn from the experience. After the 12 months EMF2 access period, or if desired to be done without other students watching, this virtual assessment is available at a cost of approx U$500 for past EMF2 students.

And in addition to this you attend a EMF3 In-Person Workshop:

  • Practical use of instrumentation.
  • EMF Assessment of actual homes
  • Geopathic stress theory and practical assessment skills


Dates and times guide for international participants

For the online sessions, all students need to log on at the same time. Obviously we can’t find a time where this is suitable for all time-zones. Typically the times falls as follows:

  • Morning to afternoon for the Americas
  • Evening for UK and mainland Europe.
  • Early morning for Singapore and Malaysia
  • Morning for Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii

Please check if ALL sessions associated to a course you are thinking of committing to, are suitable for you. Swapping between online course is not automatically possible due to restrictions in numbers. Sign up for a course of which all dates and times meet your availability.

Sessions are recorded and available inside the online knowledge centre for review for a limited time (weeks).

Times and dates referred to in the course, are typically MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA times and dates. If you are in Europe, Africa, or the USA, this will likely be a day earlier on your calendar. Online sessions are expected to take 2 hours for the first 4-5 sessions and 3-4 hours for the last session.

This signature program, consisting of the online EMF1 course and the practical EMF3 course,
is made up of 5 to 7 online sessions of about 2 hour with Patrick van der Burght or senior consultants
shared with typically a maximum of 6 to 8 new students.

You will need an internet connection, a webcam or smartphone, and a headset with a microphone to participate.

Access to the EMF1 online knowledge centre is staged and you will keep access after the course for as long as we keep using the hosting service.
Your access can start between the end of a previous online course and the start of your chosen course.


Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Investment for the EMF Business Start-up Course

This not the cheapest course but it is the considered by many the best and most complete course when it comes to teaching you what to do, showing you application in actual homes and getting you ready for the reality of a new industry. We want to see you active helping people, that is the aim.

Considering all the inclusions if you enrolled in EMF1,2 and 3, the course is comprehensive, gives you confidence and is great value for money.

Discount on tools: The equipment you need to do assessments and so we try and make that hurdle as low as possible. Once enrolled you’ll receive special discount codes to purchase the equipment on Patrick’s website with an attractive discount.

This is the program you need. There is nothing else like it. Enrol today.

How to enrol

You can enrol by purchasing remaining spots in Patrick’s website. Go to the shop and to the category COURSES. If you’re not able to purchase, this is likely because the course is full. Best not to delay.

We look forward to seeing you in training and helping families soon after.


WORKING WITH US: Doing this signature program or the EMF1 course can get you on your way to professionally offer assessment services and, subject to conditions, you could utilise our products for your clients an earn a commission. Subject to business agreements being put in place and you fitting our culture, you would qualify to be an official Geovital Consultant with a profile on the GEOVITAL website when EMF1 and EMF3 have been completed. On Patrick’s website profiles of Geovital Associates (who did EMF1 only) are also displayed.