EMF assessments or consultations UAE & OMAN

EMF Assessments and Consultations on-site by Patrick van der Burght in the UAE and OMAN – 1-8 June 2022

Global EMF Radiation Specialist and Senior Managing Partner of the GEOVITAL INTERNATIONAL Academy for Radiation Protection, Patrick van der Burght is visiting UAE and OMAN between the 1st of June and the 8th of June and available for EMF inspections or consultations as well as podcast and media interviews.

Homes and building sites in the Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Muscat, in the UAE and Oman, are just as much affected by EMF radiation and electronic pollutions as other world cities.

Secure an EMF appointment for the UAE or OMAN for first week of June 2022

Patrick van der Burght is likely the most travelled EMF consultant globally. His expertise sees him involved in helping families in many countries. Patrick assists ordinary families, corporate high-flyers, celebrities and even royalty. Patrick van der Burght is available to improve existing homes, inspect land you intend or have purchased for home construction, and he is also likely the most active consultant when it comes to consultation on EMF Radiation-Free Building practices (See www.radiationfreebuilding.com)

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About the Author:

A family brush with cancer and success with complementary therapies motivated Patrick to study naturopathy, various types of bioresonance and building Geobiology. Patrick is director of Geovital International (Outside Europe), is a Geovital instructor, author and international speaker on patient focused radiation protection.


  1. Mohamed Allawati 26/05/2023 at 6:58 am - Reply

    Hi Patrick
    I am Mohamed from Muscat – Oman .
    My neighbour’s neighbour has a roof top cell tower fixed on three directions , one direction is inclined and facing my house on 3rd floor.
    I wish to hire your service to check if my house is safe enough . Kindly let me know the Way forward .
    Thank you
    Mohamed Allawati

    • Patrick van der Burght 17/04/2024 at 2:26 pm - Reply

      Hi Mohamed,
      We communicated with you some time ago. Just wondering how it is going.

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