EMF WEBINAR SERIES – Learn to assess and mitigate

EMF WEBINAR SERIES – Learn to assess and mitigate 2021-06-05T16:12:09+02:00

FREE EMF Radiation Assessment and Mitigation Training Webinars

Patrick van der Burght is one of the most experienced trainers in the EMF assessing field through his work for GEOVITAL and taking care of its English courses. Patrick will be hosting for an unknown length of time a series of short EMF webinars that will cover in incredible depth the EMF assessment and mitigation procedures he teaches in his PRO-Level program the ‘EMF Business Start-Up Course’. The EMF Webinar is available at two different time slots to cater for all time-zones, in bite-size pieces, about EMF radiation, how to assess it, variables, use of amateur meters and professional meters, mitigation logic and approaches and more.

The subjects that will be covered in this EMF webinar series will be vast:

Amateur EMF meter use
Amateur EMF meter selection/differences
Amateur EMF meter limitations
Professional EMF meter use
Professional EMF meter differences
Professional EMF meter limitations
EMF radiation mitigation strategies for magnetic fields
EMF radiation mitigation strategies for electric fields
EMF radiation mitigation strategies for RF radiation
EMF radiation mitigation application…Magnetic fields from outside
Magnetic fields from inside the home
Magnetic fields from wiring errors
Magnetic fields from stray current in the area
Magnetic fields from appliances
Electric fields from outside sources
Electric fields from internal wiring
Electric field behaviour around people
Dirty Electricity
Radio frequency radiation from outside source like phone towers, radar, airport navigation, wifi
Radio frequency radiation from internal sources
Radio frequency radiation devices you wouldn’t expect

the list can go on……

Patrick van der Burght shielding apartments from EMF radiation

Patrick van der Burght is one of the most experienced and most travelled EMF consultants and trainers globally. Training professional level students from around the world, in the world, and assessing homes in many countries of ordinary families, corporate high flyers and even royalty. EMF radiation-free home construction projects are his passion and training people to help others with the so common EMF radiation problems in homes.

Two Time Slots so everyone can join us

People all over the world are affected by EMF radiation. Forget about cell phone tower for a moment, the wiring inside your own bedroom walls is already a problem. We are dedicating two time slots to these EMF webinars so they you’ll have at least one that will suit you.

Why are we sharing so much knowledge normally shared in PRO level training?

It is nice to educate people especially when there is so much wrong information is around and products being pushed that make little or no difference. The other reason we’re hosting these EMF webinars is that we are in need of more professional consultants around the world. We hope these greater insights will ignite a spark in you like it has in us for so many years. We’d be delighted to see you in professional training if you think you could make a difference in the world.

REGISTER NOW and start to learn

You can keep being informed through these EMF webinars and we’ll let you know when the next session is on and they are kept short so they’ll easily fit into your day. Do us a favour: Sharing this is more motivating when large crowd turns up, so share this on social media and invite your friends to this.

Early Sessions are held Monday 2pm LA, 5pm New York, 11pm Vienna, Tuesday 1am Dubai, 5am Singapore, 7am Melbourne

Late Sessions are held Tuesday 0am LA, 3am New York, 9am Vienna, 11am Dubai, 12:30pm Mumbai, 3pm Singapore, 5pm Melbourne

Her Royal Highness Sultana of Pahang and EMF consultant Patrick van der Burght

Her Royal Highness Sultanah of Pahang with Patrick van der Burght

Listen to some who have experience with Patrick