Employees with many sick days

Practical examples: Hartmann lines and water veins in the workplace

A department manager from the construction industry came in contact with the Geovital Academy by accident. He reported there was unhappiness in his department because for a long time the same employees became sick time and again. This discouraged the other work colleagues and also the efficiency and success of the department decreased progressively.

The Academy did an assessment of the office space in which some grid line intersections and a water vein were found. Of the 18 worker stations, 4 were the most affected. After determining the location of these, the department manager was speechless because exactly these 4 were the employees who were continually ill and had already been labelled by other employees as ‘pretenders’.

Without the employees knowing about it, Satellit – Radiation protection mats were installed on the ground. Loose electrical cables of computers and monitors were purposefully rerouted and partially shielded. Cost of the makeover was just AU$ 650. An observation period was agreed to, to see if there were any changes in the staff.

Significant improvement in the department after addressing radiation

Frau am Arbeitsplatz

After shielding, fun returned at work

After a few week, Geovital received a call from a very happy manager. Not only was his department now fully staffed, there had also arisen a very positive change in the motivation of the employees. After a few weeks the manager was asked on several occasions “With what change in leadership approach is such a change able to be achieved…?”.

A year later the manager visited the Geovital Academy in Sulzberg to say ‘Hello’ and have a drink. He told us that the approximate AU$ 650 was the best investment the company had ever made. In terms of money, you can not fathom what the true extend of savings due to reduce sick leave, and especially efficiency and increase productivity of the team. In the meantime he got promoted, won a team-based award with his department and received a nice bonus from his boss.



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Sascha Hahnen graduated in several specialities and medical training, is an author, seminar leader and CEO of Geovital – Academy. His motto: “Radiation protection is always a good thing!”

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