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The quality of your communication equals the quality of your success in life and business

Consulting practitioner

If can be more effective, getting people to accept the good advise you have for them, then you will be able to really help a lot more people.

In both our personal life as well as our business life, we are more successful if we can communicate more clearly to others. You can have the best products, the best ideas, the best service, but if you can’t get others to see it, they won’t move to unveil themselves of your product, service, idea or advise.

It is all the same; if you are trying to get your boss to cooperate on an project you wish to suggest or manage – if you speak to a patient who you wish to convey the need for life changes to be made or exercises that need to be done – or if you’re trying to get your child to help around the house. In every communication opportunity there are small powerful (ethical) changes you can make to help your audience realise that what you are proposing is truely in their best interest.

  • If you only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression, what should you not forget to bring to their attention?
  • When you’ve just done a great job for people, and they say ‘Thank you’. What should you say?
  • If you have multiple approaches to a problem, which should your explain first?
  • And how do you apply these communication skills to the business of doing home assessments and improvements?

Patrick van der Burght has been a business consultant and coach to many retail establishments. Assisting and coaching sales staff to uncover the ethical opportunities that exist in any communication setting. Having experienced the benefits of this knowledge over and over again, Patrick is very passionate to share it with others.

Join us for a 2-3 hour seminar and change the way you communicate forever.
Limited to 10 participants

For students of our 3.5 days workshop, leading up to this seminar, this seminar costs just A$115
For existing and establish GEOVITAL consultants and GEOVITAL affiliates, this seminar cost just A$95

To register, contact Patrick van der Burght with the ‘Quick Question’ form below and state clearly for which event you wish to register. We’ll then send you the registration form and organise payment.

The below video explains some of what we’ll go into: