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Effective Communication and Ethical Persuasion

Patrick van der Burght, Geovital Academy

Join me for hours of eye opening improvements to your ability to communicate effectively.

Learn how to be a far more effective Geobiologist that helps patients to make durable changes in their home (English)

  • What is the most powerful thing you can say after someone says ‘Thank you’?
  • How do you establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information if you only have 30 seconds to make a first impression?
  • How do you dramatically increase your clients desire to take action and make their home a better place?
  • And how do you apply this way of thinking to a Geobiologist’s business…?

Patrick van der Burght has emerged himself in many business and business training techniques. Non of which have impacted his effectiveness in communication more than the principles of influence as taught by Dr Robert Cialdini. Patrick will share with you the psychological engines that you can activate in an ethical manner to allow the communication situation to guide your client to say ‘yes’ to your suggestions when it is in their favor to say yes.

All of this and more with insights on how to apply it in your Geobiology business.

Your contribution 95 euro which is practically impossible not to earn back in weeks from applying your new learned skills. So join us for the better part of the day and register now, as spots are limited and our German colleagues are also encourage to attend.

View this video… we will discuss these sort of powerful factors in your communication opportunities…

To register, contact Patrick van der Burght.