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Networking – Business Focus Sessions

Networking sessions for starting EMF consultants

Networking sessions for starting EMF consultants

This session is for the students of the EMF Business Start-Up course (committed to doing EMF1 + EMF2) and is part of their 12-month access to EMF2.


As a consultant, you want to be able to be found by families who need your help. This means advertising your services in various locations but also networking is a great way to be recommended by others who know your potential clients.

In this session, we discuss the many opportunities that networking can bring and who you could network with. We’ll also discuss how to approach this and how to introduce yourself.

To access this session, you need to be a student of the EMF2 module and be within 12 months of you enrolling. You’ll be invited to these events if you have access.
The business sessions are often not available to outsiders.