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Time Management – Business Focus Sessions

This session is for the students of the EMF Business Start-Up course (committed to doing EMF1 + EMF2) and is part of their 12-month access. It is also available as a small contribution to Patrick’s past PRO-level students and outsiders. COUNTDOWN TIMER

The world is high paced now and business is the same. There is so much we want to do and a limited time for work, personal life, and rest. Time management is the skill to use time more effectively and can make a big difference in your work life as well as your private life.

Taking time management one important step beyond being effective…. working to ensure that the outcome is a happy and balanced life.

Gain access to this Time Management session

EMF2 students have 12 months of access to our Business Sessions from enrolment and will be invited directly. Past PRO-level students are invited to attend at a contribution of just USD19. Outsiders are welcome at USD 99

Non-active EMF2 students secure access by going to the online shop and purchasing their seats. (will be created there shortly)


Business Skills Online Session BIZ1 BIZ2

EMF business skills session on start-up basics

Other business sessions for new students of the EMF2 program are held throughout the year on subjects like:

  • Communication Skills
  • Photography and Videography
  • Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • Networking
  • Marketing strategies
  • Webinars

To access this session, you need to be a student of the EMF1 AND EMF2 course, and you’ll be invited to these events. These sessions are not available to outsiders and not able to be enrolled separately.