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Social Media Marketing

In this session we’ll discuss social media and ways the give yourself a voice within it. Strategies, artwork ideas and use of tags.

Nowadays, Social Media has created a huge impact in any business when it comes to marketing. Most people tend to be on Social Media in the majority of their daily activities. This creates an initial contact with potential clients, so this session would be a great help to create a good impression and catch their attention online. So you’ll need to build a great eye-catching impression to your potential clients online in order for you to expand your reach.

This session will be held on November 25, 2022, 6am, Friday, Melbourne Time

Friday 25th November:
Singapore 3am
Melbourne 6am
New Zealand 8am

Thursday 24th November:
Los Angeles 11am
Chicago 1pm
New York 2pm
United Kingdom 7pm
Mainland EU 8pm
Dubai 11pm


To access this session, you need to be a student of the EMF2 module and be within 12 months of you enrolling. You’ll be invited to these events if you have access.
The business sessions are often not available to outsiders.

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