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EMF Q&A – Lets give you some wholistic answers to your EMF radiation questions

Electronic pollution found in the average bedroom show in our training room

Electronic pollution found in the average bedroom show in our training room

EMF radiation and the creation of healthier sleeping environments can be very confusing. There is a lot of misinformation on the internet and almost nobody has a wholistic approach to dealing with EMF radiation and other stressors in the bedroom. In this ongoing webinar series you will have an opportunity to ask a question to a GEOVITAL Academy professional. Get some logical perspective on the radiation problems found in homes and bedrooms. Learn about solutions and approaches that aim to help now and long-term.

ENGLISH: In this session, hosted by our International Office, we speak English.
TIMING: It is hard to pick a perfect time that suits all time zones. The timing of this event typically suits the Americas, early morning for the Middle-East, morning for Asia and close to lunch for Australia and New Zealand.
ACCESS: Register once and you’ll have access to future sessions which we’ll send a notification for.
CONDUCT: Inside you’ll be able to post a question in the Q&A Tab which the host will handle during the call. Time is limited so not all questions might be able to be covered, but you will learn lots regardless.

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Patrick van der Burght addresses a room of health practitioners about the issue of EMF

World Timing for EMF radiation questions and answers

This event starts at:

6 pm Los Angeles (the day before)
9 pm New York (the day before)
3 am Central Europe
5 am Dubai
9 am Singapore
11 am Melbourne/Sydney
1 pm New Zealand

Please, do check these time indications. Zoom will also send you timely reminders related to your time zone.