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EMF radiation protection for beginners

Join us for a live and in-person presentation about the fundamentals of EMF radiation exposure, what to know if you’re going to investigate yourself (amateur meters and limitations), radiation source types, magnetic and electric fields from wiring, things you can easily do yourself, and mitigation approaches.



RF radiation assessment of microwave oven during PRO EMF training

RF radiation assessment of microwave oven during PRO EMF training


  • Understand EMF Radiation: Learn about the basics of EMF radiation, its sources, and how it can potentially affect human health.
  • Investigate EMF Levels: Learn how to investigate EMF levels independently, including how to use amateur meters, understand their limitations, and properly interpret data.
  • Explore Radiation Source Types: Get acquainted with different types of radiation sources such as wireless devices, power lines, and appliances, and understand their contribution to EMF radiation exposure.
  • Understand Magnetic Fields Caused by Wiring Problems and Stray Currents: Discover the variables that cause high magnetic fields, such as wiring problems and stray currents. Learn about the risks involved and how to spot them.
  • Implement Mitigation Measures: Learn how to use practical measures to decrease your exposure to EMF radiation. Discover practical steps that may be taken to create a safer living and sleeping environment with decreased total EMF exposure.

Join us in this Free Webinar on June 12th, 2023 at 6:00 am, Monday, Melbourne Australia Time

(See Schedule Overview below as your reference for your time zone)

Los Angeles, USA 1:00 pm June 11th Sun
Chicago, USA 3:00 pm June 11th Sun
New York, USA 4:00 pm June 11th Sun
United Kingdom 9:00 pm June 11th Sun
Mainland Europe 10:00 pm June 11th Sun
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4:00 am June 12th Mon
New Zealand 8:00 am June 12th Mon

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