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If you wanted to start helping others with EMFs, why learn just about EMFs in theory when you can practice actual home assessing under supervision of one of the worlds most recognised trainers. Conclude your training in EMF assessment and mitigation with this in-person small-group workshop. Doing actual EMF home assessments in houses and learning to assess geopathic stress in nature.

Small class with a maximum of 6 students for this practical workshop module!

Minimum students: 4
Go-no-Go point FOUR months prior. Full refund is given if not enough people register.
(Register now and we’ll let you know once we have 4 people and things are ‘locked-in’. If near 4 months before the starting date we do not have enough students registered, we may postpone this course. If students register early we can declare this course will go ahead earlier. Do not commit to travel expenses till all is going ahead. In case of postponement, you can have a full refund if you desire.)

Complement your comprehensive Online Training (EMF1) with in-person on-site training in EMF3
EMF1 is a prerequisite to doing this in-person workshop EMF3.
Workshop in Sulzberg, Austria, proposed 23rd, 24th, 25th, and 26th September 2024.


In-person in-house EMF assessment workshop to conclude Patrick’s EMF Business Start-Up Program

You’d assume that assessing actual homes is part of any EMF consultant training… sadly it is not. Here is how the ‘EMF Business Start-Up Program’ came to be:

‘Learning to assess EMF radiation is not that difficult, but it is a lot to take in. Our classic workshops are a great immersion experiences where for a number of days both theory and practical skills are taught. However, you can only absorb so much, right?

In my new style online course (launched February 2019) we enable students to learn from recorded training sessions at their own pace within a week and we meet online each week to summarise and review their learning (EMF1). Knowledge is absorbed over 6-7 weeks and that would have to aid retention. When we extend on this experience, and met for an in-person workshop where we could NOT spent time in the classroom but focus even more on the practical (EMF3), that is an even better experience for people and what your future clients would have expected your training would have included.

As most people come to the training because they want to help others and start a business doing assessments…  it is valuable to include EMF business skills as part of the course. Shifting the aim… from only learning to assess and mitigate… to helping you gain knowledge, real experience and a skilled start in your new business.

I love seeing people turn their efforts in learning about EMFs for the sake of helping others and creating a rewarding business, into reality.’

Patrick van der Burght

For a full explanation of this course, visit the information page

Learn about radiation EMF and Geopathic stress

Investigation and mitigation of EMF radiation is a valuable skill for many professionals


Dates and times guide

Find below an overview of the dates and times involved with this course. View the countdown timer to the Pre-Workshop online session (please allow for up to 2 hours for this online session).

eg Los Angeles
eg New York
UK Vienna Dubai
Online Prep Meeting on Zoom TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA TBA
Workshop start in Vancouver, Canada Mon-Thur   23rd to 27th of September  2024 Austria Come to Austria Come to Austria Come to Austria Come to Austria Come to Austria


Requirement to book suitable accommodation

In order to give you practical experience, we need places to assess. Part of doing this course is that when you come to do the live workshop component, you book accommodation that we are allowed to visit once during your stay with the small group of student, and assess and investigate. This is what gives you the practical experience. If you have friends or family you will be staying with, it’s fine for us to investigate their home. The price of this course is set based on the fact you use accommodation we can visit and investigate (turn circuits on and off etc). If you do not ‘bring’ a home as practice, then the course fee is USD 400 dearer and we’ll aim to rent a house to provide the practice. Please note, we may also invite members of the public to make homes available. We may not always assess all rented homes.

As rental accommodation, we have checked a few homes and owners are fine with us practicing. Please use this approved accommodation unless otherwise agreed. A rental car for you to use would be handy to make it to the training in the morning, but failing this we can offer a pickup and drop-off after class.

You find approved accommodation options in the travel section below. 

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Invest in completing the EMF Business Start-up Course with a bang

You can attend this in-person workshop when you have completed at least the 3rd online review sessions in the EMF1 program (that is the review of the home assessment process). EMF2 is not required but would prepare you for the work as an EMF consultant so much better, with its 12 months business sessions online, creation of a copy website for you and much more.

Find out more about the EMF2 module here.


Do it again for skill, fun or maybe a tax deduction?! – For those who did a paid Classic Workshop or a previous EMF3 in-person workshop with Patrick

For those who have purchased the Classic Workshop taught by Patrick or those who have already attended the EMF3 experience, there is the possibility to attend this one.

    • Previous attendees of the Classic Workshop can join us in a EMF3 but a surcharge of USD 300 is payable.
    • Previous attendees of  a EMF3 in-person workshop can attend again at the normal listed price.

Consider expanding your experience by attending EMF3 in different countries! Consider Melbourne, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ?! Ask you accountant how you could assign your travel and accommodation as well as the course fee as a business expense.


Do it again for skill, fun, or maybe a tax deduction?!

For those who have purchased the Classic Workshop taught by Patrick or those who have already attended the EMF3 experience, there is the possibility to attend this EMF3 workshop.

Consider expanding your experience by attending EMF3 in different countries! Consider Melbourne, Australia, Vancouver, Canada, or Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ?! Ask your accountant how you could assign your travel and accommodation as well as the course fee as a business expense.

This is the program you need to fast-track your experience.
There is nothing else like it. Enroll today.

HOW TO REGISTER: Visit our online shop HERE.

NOTE: Scheduled sessions must be attended. Missed live online sessions cannot automatically be redone during future courses as it would leave you perhaps having missed key elements you would need to know before the next section starts. Moving from one workshop to another would also see you take up one of very few spots as we wish to keep things small. Private catch-up sessions may be possible but this will be at private tuition rates.
If scheduled sessions don’t fit your availability, then please register for a later course in which they do, to avoid frustration and disappointment.

WORKING WITH US: Doing this signature training including the in-person workshop can get you on your way to professionally offering assessment services and, subject to conditions, you could utilise our products for your clients. Subject to business agreements being put in place and you fitting the culture, you would qualify to be an official Geovital Consultant with a profile on the GEOVITAL website.

Regarding coming to Sulzberg, Austria:


As part of this course and the price tag of the course, you agree to book your accommodation in one of the below homes. If not able, please contact us. In order to give you and other students as much practical experience as possible, we need homes to assess and manipulate electric circuits. These homes have what we need and the owners are ok with us using it once during your stay to assess and investigate, and turn circuits on and off. Click on the home names (just under here) to reveal the accommodation details.

Target Area for Houses EMF3 Austria


Click on the home names (just under here) to reveal the accommodation details.

Veronica’s full-size apartment with breathtaking views

Up the hill with views you’ll tell your friends about, this large building houses a renovated timber gem. With a large living space and kitchen, this makes for an amazing stay.

Address: Bilgeri 209, Schwarzenberg, Austria

Book it on AIRBNB now

View on Google maps

Stadler 170, Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg

Stadler 170, Schwarzenberg, Vorarlberg


Nice little apartment with kitchen close to Schwarzenberg.

Address: Stadler 170, 6867 Schwarzenberg, Austria
See on Google maps
Book at Booking.com
or book at super.com or gites.fr

Dagmar’s and Manfred’s House on the Corner


A nice cozy house with pretty garden.

Address: Buchstock 607, Schwarzenberg, Austria
Book online at AIRbnb

View on Google maps

Ferienhutte Lochle

A 3-bedroom with a mountain view house and waterfront location.
Phone reception is poor here which many of us love. This place is very close to the training area for geopathic stress. You could walk to it if you wanted, to do extra practice outside course hours.

Address: 6866 Andelsbuch, Austria

Email Address: info@ferienhuetteloechle.at

Website: https://ferienhuetteloechle.at/

Book in AirBNB now

View on Google maps

Holiday apartment in Mellau, Austria

Holiday apartment in Mellau, Austria

Boutique Apartment Mellau

Just as far south from Schwarzenberg as we’d like a student to be, but close to the geopathic stress training site and some amazing mountain terrain further to the south. This a new apartment with all you’d need. Low RF when the windows are closed last time we were there.

Address: Klaus 573, 6881 Mellau, Österreich
Inspect this property on their site and click ‘Jetst Buchen’ to book, or click here to go to their booking page

Holiday Home BergHalde in Schwarzenberg Austria Top to levels of luxury close to town

Ferienwohnung Berghalde
Top level apartment only good as course accommodation.
This can sleep up to 8 people if needed, so if you are bringing family, this would be great. (approx 210 euro a night)
Address: 912 Oberbuchen, 6867 Schwarzenberg, Austria

View on BOOKINGS.com

Contact: susanne dot berchtold at aon.  at

View on Google maps

Small Apartment in Tiroler Home

Entire downstairs apartment
5 guests
2 bedrooms
5 beds
1 bath

Book on AIRbnb now


Closer to a town

A simple stay, closer to a nearby town centre. This is the furthest away from Schwarzenberg we allow students to stay or travel gets too lengthy.

Address: Kirchdorf 130, Langenegg, Austria

Book on AIRbnb now

View on Google maps

Small but cute


This small apartment still have space to move, a gorgeous balcony and somewhat centrally located.
This is the furthest away from Schwarzenberg we allow students to stay or travel gets too lengthy.

Address: Gfall 262, 6952 Bolgenach

Contact (you can check prices also on AirBNB): bklegg at  a1.net

Enjoy southern Germany whilst you’re coming with some annual festivities in the area

Lindau is a short drive from Sulzberg and the training areas. On the shore of Lake Constance you can look across the water to Switzerland. Lovely place to spend a lazy day.


The most gorgeous castle you’ll ever visit. Neuschwanstein Castle


The most gorgeous castle you’ll ever visit. Neuschwanstein Castle

Zeppelin tours, Neuschwanstein Castle and so much more

There is lots to do in the south of Germany and the north west of Austria. It was the birthplace of the Zeppelin and there are daily Zeppelin tours for various lengths of time. You do have to book early! Book before you travel to us to make sure you get the tour of the length and cost you like. It is an amazing experience.

Zeppelin tours go all the time in Friedrichshaben

Zeppelin tours go all the time in Friedrichshaben

Neuschwanstein Castle

A little further drive towards the east is Schwangau with the most gorgeous castle you will like see in your lifetime ‘Neuschwanstein Castle’. Take a day for it to travel down, buy your entry ticket (with a admission time on it, so get there early and you get in earlier. Come after lunch time and you’ll likely have to wait till the late afternoon for one of the last tours/accesses) and why not enjoy a horse and cart ride up to the castle. It is an experience you won’t forget.



Geovital Academy is relatively easy to get to from other countries.
IMPORTANT: Please be warned that people often make the mistake to confuse Sulzberg (a small town where Geovital is) with Salzberg (the famous city on the other side of Austria!).

1 – International arrivals via Munich Germany
This is probably the most convenient and cost effective way to get to Geovital. Munich is a city in Germany which is about 200km (120miles) from Geovital in Sulzberg (Austria).
Train option: The easiest and often less stressful way to travel from there is to get on a train to OBERSTAUFEN (depart usually every 30min) for just 22 euro, This puts you 15km from Geovital in Sulzberg. From there a BUS or TAXI can take you the last distance. The train ride take about 2.5 to 3 hours, so your arrival in Munich should ideally not be in the evening so you have time to get to Sulzberg during the day or early evening.
Train information can be found here, you can select ENGLISH on the top and select departure from ‘Munich Airport T’ which will be shown in the results as ‘München Flughafen Terminal’ (YOU DO NOT WANT: Munich Flughafen Besucherpark). The destination is ‘Oberstaufen’. Daytime travel is fairly flexible, meaning if you book a 2pm train and get in early or late, you may get on another train. Trains with the ‘product’ ‘BUS’ included may be best avoided as they will get you to use a bus leg to get from one train to the other.
Google map showing Oberstaufen to Geovital here.

Car rental option: Alternatively a car could be rented. From our conversations with rental companies in Munich it is no problem driving to Austria with their cars (do confirm this yourself) but you would need to purchase a  ‘Vignette’ in a gas station on the way to Austria. This covers your road taxes for Austria and you will need to know how many days you plan to stay in Austria. A Vignette is about 10-15 euros.
Also note, car break down assistance in included for travel in Germany, but not outside Germany, so you would have to pay for transport to the nearest repair shop. The repair would be covered (reconfirm these details yourself). There is no customs post between Germany and Austria, so you just drive through.
Some car rental options: Munich airport car rental page – Rentalcars.comAirportrentals.com (compare between them and you’re bound to find a good rate)

Taxi / Being driven
For those who like their convenience there is an option to be driven to Sulzberg from Munich airport. This can be booked through for example www.suntransfers.com. If you click on this link you’ll be taken straight to the route Munich to Sulzberg. Needless to say this is more costly. Expect about 370 euro one way, or 650 euro if you book your travel to and from Sulzberg at the same time (separate days allowed).

2 – Closest Airport

The actual neared airport is Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is a distance of 72km (44 miles) from Sulzberg.
A train could be taken from Friedrichshafen to Oberstaufen (Germany) and from there it is just 15km (9 miles) by taxi to Sulzberg in Austria.
See the route on Google maps here.
Freidrichshafen is a minor international airport with seasonal connections to other European countries, so you may need connecting flights to get there.

3 – Via Switzerland

Zurich in Switzerland is at a distance of 140km (86 miles) to Geovital in Sulzberg, Austria.
ATTENTION: Switzerland is outside the European union and travel out of, and back into its borders can be more ‘involved’. You would need Swiss money whilst you are in Switzerland, you have to cross the borden the old fashioned way with passport in hand and possible bag inspection. There is no problem with this, but if you bought for example instrumentation from us or some products, you may need to declare those and things get difficult. We would recommend travel via Munich.


Get an impression of what the area around GEOVITAL is like.
You can spend weeks here…