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FREE Professional Level EMF Assessment and Mitigation Training Sessions

Patrick is trying to get you excited about learning how to interpret, assess and mitigate EMF radiation through a detailed series of small webinars in which he shares much of the professional EMF Consultant training he has been teaching to people across the world.

Register for one of the 2 time-zone sessions that have been made available so that this initiative is accessible to everyone around the world. The replay may not be available going forward so be there live, get to know us, interact, ask questions and learn way more than you thought you’d get in a FREE event.

Pick your Time-Zone training session if you’re not already registered.
If you are, you should get repeated invitations which arrive 24 hours and 1 hour before these events.

Patrick hosts Professional EMF Consultant training online as a stand-alone program that is expandable with more business knowledge and intense in-person training, always in small groups, multiple times per year. Find out more about his EMF1, EMF2, and EMF3 training modules here.