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FREE event – Private individuals and professionals welcome
(Sunday afternoon, 3rd of June for the Americas time-zone)
(Sunday evening for UK & Europe)
(Monday morning for Australia & New Zealand)

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What is involved in Radiation-Free Building of homes?
How early should you start getting us involved?

Consultation on radiation protection and shielding solutions for existing and new homes

Consultation on radiation protection and shielding solutions for existing and new homes

In this online video conference Patrick van der Burght will highlight the following in regards to EMFs and healthier Radiation-Free Building:

> How and why Geovital, a natural health clinic in Austria, got involved in Radiation-Free living and building.
> The common issues found in existing homes that would be aimed to be avoided when building with radiation avoidance and protection in a home.
> The main aims of Radiation-Free building and how it fits into most home designs.
> Which often ‘unfixable’ radiation issue should be ideally assessed before even purchasing a piece of land.
> How Patrick van der Burght can consult on your built, no matter where in the world it is going to be, and the costings of the consultation process.

Don’t make the same mistakes

In the average home, we as consultants, keep bumping in the same problems all the time. Sure, each property is unique and out of the ordenary issues also arise, but typically it is electric field exposure throughout the home which in the bedroom is completely unacceptable, and a good chance that exposure to radio frequency transmitter radiation is at worrying levels or will be soon. – As your home is being built and the trades people have easy access to those things which we would encourage them to just a little different… this is the perfect time and more economical time to make your home not just practical and pretty… but also much more health supporting.

Online EMF course in progress.

Online EMF course in progress.

This session is to impart general knowledge. Naturally we’ll make sure you know why our solutions are so unique and the best value for money, but the aim is to give you insights in what small changes in approach can make all the difference in your new home.

During the session we’ll make use of presentations, live webcam, videos and maybe a few more things… You’ll be able to chat with others informally or ask specific questions in a dedicated Q&A pod which we’ll aim to answer at some point during the session or we may be able to contact you directly after the session.

Thank you very much for the great and magnificent information. Thank you Patrick.” – Alfonso Rivera, CA
Thank you! Excited to learn more!” – Dr Caroline Schier, USA
Great seminar on radiation free buildings, Patrick is a credible expert in this field and GEOVITAL is a great brand that I am confident in working with.” – Derek Clark, Founder and President – Resolve EMF Inc.
Thanks Patrick very informative.” Al Jensen, Canada
Finding Geovital was a great find! I plan on incorporating these concepts in the build of my tiny home on wheels. Thank you for the great information!” – Sue Freeman, USA

Dates and times guide for international participants

Please check the below time references if the session is suitable for you.

This table may be incorrect as Daylight Savings time changes can cause errors. Please use the Melbourne time and a simple google search to check what time it is in Melbourne.

To prevent missing out on information, please allow for 1 to 2 hours for this session.

Session Melbourne
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UK Malaysia
Date/Time Mon 4th
Sun 3rd
Sun 3rd
Sun 3rd
Sun 3rd
Mon 4th

How to register and how to gain access to the Adobe Connect system

We’ll limit attendees, so please register your desire to attend now. Use the form below to register. Within a few days you should receive a email from the ‘Adobe Connect’ system with your login and temporary password details. This password is only valid for 48 hours and you need to log in and reset it when you receive it. Closer to the event you will be sent an invitation to the meeting itself. If you haven’t received this within 24 hours before the event, please contact Patrick van der Burght. Once the event has started, it is unlikely we can help you gain access or reset your password from our end, should you have lost your password. The online meeting area may require some plugins for your computer. You can do a preliminary test of your system here.

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Excellent webinar. Learned a lot. Thank you.” Linda Dance, USA

I will be attending the other webinars and keep Geovital inside my consciousness. It has been said and I agree for my own life, that we get the answers for our health before we need them. Geovital is the answer.” – Susan Badagliacca


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