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What makes GEOVITAL mattresses fit into a holistic approach to health

LIVE Webinar presentation by Patrick van der Burght

Patrick van der Burght - healthy mattress

Patrick van der Burght explains many features of a truly ‘healthy’ mattress

In our field of environmental medicine we investigated which environmental health burdens in the bedroom might be interfering with the body having a truly regenerative sleep. There is many things that can be improved in the sleeping environment, but in our experience there were 3 issues that had the biggest impact on our patients. Once removed, these issues yielded the biggest chance of allowing the body to do what it can do so well; to work to restore health. Many chronic health issues, in many people, we were able to be overcome after having slept in their newly created sleeping sanctuary.

THREE major health burdens in the bedroom

The 3 issues found by us to have biggest influence on well being are:

  • Electronic Pollution (EMF or ‘man-made’ radiation)
  • Geopathic Stress (Excesses of natural radiation)
  • The Mattresses people slept on.

After long investigation and testing of over 600 different mattress types on our patient base, none were found to be suitable. Our criteria were:

  • High aeration for the skin and for moisture reduction of sweating
  • Being antistatic
  • Toxin-free
  • Metal-free to avoid EMF radiation being made worse
  • Washable, to clean up those dirty little accidents that happen
  • Suitable for the largest amount of people when considering intolerance reactions using Electroacupuncture, Vega Testing and muscle testing.

After a fruitless quest for a mattress to recommend to patients, Geovital started to make their own.

In this webinar about health mattresses

If you are considering the purchase of mattress and have wondered about ours, then this webinar will go into great details about our mattresses. We’ll cover the problems with mattresses in general, what we wanted in a mattress for our health clients, and to what great lengths we went to create the mattresses we now offer.

Online EMF course in progress.

Online EMF course in progress.

We will not go into other mattress brands specifically and if you have had poor experiences with other brands, please direct your questions at your supplier.

During the session we’ll make use of presentations, live webcam, videos and maybe a few more things… You’ll be able to chat with others informally or ask specific questions in a dedicated Q&A pod which we’ll aim to answer at some point during the session or we may be able to contact you direct after the session.

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Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.

Our mattress production in Sulzberg, Austria, is a relatively slow process due to the non-toxic eatable adhesives we use that take days to dry.

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Can’t attend? We usually don’t record for later viewing, but here is a webinar we did in 2017:


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