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Global EMF Radiation Summit

This event is a vision of a Global EMF Radiation Consultant and is now coming to a reality. This aims to open the path for more information about EMF radiation and hopefully open our eyes to take actions. Speakers are very generous of their time and knowledge to speak about this topic which the host is very grateful for. Especially the medical practitioners, who’s time is rare and precious especially now. Additionally, we are also thankful for the protesters and EHS support group for their valuable contribution and efforts who invest so much of themselves on a daily basis.
The GLOBAL EMF Radiation Summit is an online knowledge event that promotes action when it comes to EMF Radiation (non-ionising radiation) exposure from electricity and transmitter sources (like WiFi, smart meters, 3G, 4G and 5G).
The first GLOBAL EMF Radiation Summit will be held on the 17th up to 19th of April 2020. It aims to ACTION different angles: BODY, PUBLIC and ENVIRONMENT.
– Doctors will speak about how health is affected, and hopefully ways on how to support our bodies.
– We owe a debt to those people that make our voices heard. Those that stand up and be counted. What motivated them and what insights can they share?
– Support Groups: What help is available and what drives the organisers?
– Products that may reduce your exposure to EMF radiation in verifiable ways. In a non-sales orientated manner, let’s hear from some of these companies. There will be NO special deals or summit offers… just in-depth information.