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Build your WHOLE HOME
EMF Radiation-Free with EMF protection and avoidance incorporated

Maximum of 8 students!

When designing and building a home the comfort but also the health of the occupants needs to be thought about. With

EMF Radiation-Free Building Course WHOLE HOUSE

an ever-increasing exposure to EMF radiation from cell phone towers, 5G, etc. shielding against EMF radiation in a house is possible and a valuable feature of your new home. In this ‘Whole House EMF Radiation-Free Building’-course we will teach you what is important in planning and building a whole house EMF Radiation-Free.


In this course by Patrick van der Burght various facets of the tiny house building process in relation to EMF radiation protection and avoidance are taught at a homeowner/builder level. Including:

  • EMF Radiation types you should know about and what causes them
  • Site Selection – Place your home in a good spot
  • Selection of normal building materials for your home and their impact on EMF radiation
  • EMF Radiation shielding and avoidance philosophy
  • EMF Radiation mitigation materials
  • Shielding techniques
  • Shielding application
  • Grounding options
  • Plan Analysis – Investigate your own plans and form your EMF approach

Duration and process of the WHOLE HOUSE EMF Radiation-Free Building course

The course typically runs over 4 weeks with 4 weekly online review meetings.  You’ll get access to a tailored Online Knowledge Centre (OKC) where you access the training videos and materials, and do your study by watching videos during the week when it suits you (including leading up to the first online session). During the online review sessions, you’ll review what should have been learned and you can ask questions. You maintain access to the Online Knowledge Centre after the course (!) for as long as we keep hosting the course material with the hosting service we use.


Review your building plans and strategies


In the course, the PLANNING process will be discussed. Learn how to look at your own plans, identify the EMF sources you would normally create, and plan to avoid or mitigate them.

In this course, you have the opportunity to assess your own plans for your tiny house, present them to the group and receive feedback on your approach from Patrick van der Burght and perhaps your fellow students.

Some parts of this course may be recorded by us and then also made available for review in the OKC for later review by you and others.

When: 4 times online sessions of about 1-2 hours, starting on Wednesday 10am Melbourne time.

REGISTER NOW for the WHOLE HOUSE EMF Radiation-Free Building course

To attend this event, please follow this link to the shop and secure one of the remaining spots before they are gone. You can pay with your PayPal account or an accepted credit card.

  • After payment, you will receive a link to register for the Zoom meetings.
  • Don’t forget to print, fill out and email us your registration form promptly or your spot may be allocated to someone else and your payment refunded.

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Online Knowledge Centre will start within 2 weeks of the first review session.

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