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What is wrong with mattresses and what makes GEOVITAL’s mattresses a healthier choice?

Join us live from Sulzberg, Austria! Where your mattress is made.

Patrick van der Burght will be going into mattress health in this free webinar and give you a look inside where the GEOVITAL mattresses are made. The mattress is an essential part of creating a healthy bedroom, fit for proper rest and regeneration. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the common problems found in mattresses that are so obvious once we point it out to you?
  • What features in your mattress should be particularly worried about?
  • What is the wish-list of features you want in a mattress?
  • What are the GEOVITAL mattresses made from to fit our goals with health clients?
  • What model might appeal most to you?

This will be held on the 27th of March, Monday

(Also available in On-demand Webinar)

This is welcome to anyone from around the world. Please see the timetable below for your reference on your time-zone

Time Table

Los Angeles, USA 6:00 pm March 26 Sun

Chicago, USA 8:00 pm March 26 Sun

New York, USA 9:00 pm March 26 Sun

United Kingdom 2:00 am March 27 Mon

Mainland Europe 3:00 am March 27 Mon

Dubai, UAE 5:00 am March 27 Mon

Singapore 9:00 am March 27 Mon

Melbourne, Australia  12:00 pm  March 27 Mon