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Everything you need to know about EMF radiation shielding paint by the people with the holistic and patient approach

The old time legend has been improved further.

The old-time legend has been improved further.

In this on-demand (replay) webinar, Patrick van der Burght will explain a great amount of need-to-know issues when it comes to shielding paint. Shielding paint use, limitation, preparation, application and much much more.
You will learn:

> How and why GEOVITAL, a natural health clinic in Austria, developed shielding paint
> How shielding paint works and the principles to be kept in mind when considering how to execute your shielding project
> The common mistakes and misconceptions about shielding paint
> Grounding of shielding paint (don’t use a grounding plate)
> The enormous difference in quality and performance between shielding paints
> How to understand test reports of the performance of shielding products and see through the marketing
> Why shielding effectiveness is not the only performance criteria of interest when deciding what’s good for your family
> Which often ‘unfixable’ radiation issue should be properly assessed before investing in shielding paint
> Which other commonly found health burdens in the bedroom may be preventing you from having an optimized truly regenerative sleep, despite your investment in shielding paint


Lubor & Elena Cencak, Canada: “Thank you, Patrick, very informative, practical, and well put together. Really recommend to anyone.”

Sheron-Joany Lourens, Netherlands: “Very informative! Thank you for the in-depth information regarding our health.”

Crystle Zayati, USA: “Thank you, Patrick, your clear explanations will help us all understand what our true goals are.”

Dr. Sarica Cernohous, AZ USA: “Oh that helped a bunch… Just having an opportunity to sit down and look at it with undivided attention and slow myself down in the places where I really needed to observe it. This aspect of EMF protection is completely new to me and so even learning about decibel rating is something that hadn’t hit my radar until yesterday! Thanks again, Patrick!”


Don’t make costly mistakes when it comes to shielding paint

If you are considering protecting a house or bedrooms against radiation and have not had a home consultation from a Geovital consultant or affiliate, or another EMF consultant fully aware of the benefits Geovital products would bring to your situation, then please listen to the presentation first. Provided you use the proper product, designed for the right end goal, and use a sound approach, shielding is not difficult. However, if you use the wrong product (lower performance or designed for shielding alone) or neglect to stick to a sound strategy, you may not achieve the reduction in radiation you could have achieved, we’re hoping for, or things could actually get worse.

Happy couple protecting their family with radiation protection

Happy couple protecting their family with radiation protection


Online EMF course in progress.

Online EMF course in progress.

This session is to impart general knowledge. Naturally, we’ll make sure you know why our T98 shielding paint is so unique and the best value for money, but the general knowledge could be used with any shielding paint. We will however not comment on other brands specifically and if you have had poor experiences with other brands, please direct your questions at your supplier.


Liz Oakes, Australia: I thought I knew a lot but your webinar taught me a lot about aspects I didn’t know. Thank you very much, Patrick!

David Lange, Australia: Patrick. Well put together and informative.

Victor Rieter, New Zealand: Cheers Patrick, I found this webinar a good way to reinforce what you have already taught.


Watch it right now (on-demand) with direct access for now or later today

We have AUTOMATED this webinar to give you ‘on-demand’ access to it, instead of hosting it live once every 2 months. Use the link below to register for access to this information and watch it right now.


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