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Mattresses are generally poorly designed when it comes to health – What makes GEOVITAL’s mattresses a healthier choice?

Join us and watch this in-depth webinar when it suits you. Now available on-demand.

Patrick van der Burght will be going into mattress health in this free webinar and give you a look inside where the GEOVITAL mattresses are made. The mattress is an essential part of creating a healthy bedroom, fit for proper rest and regeneration. Sadly this not the case with mattresses purchased in bedding stores or even most ‘health’ mattresses who’s pitch rests heavily on one particular function. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What are the common problems found in mattresses that are so obvious once we point it out to you?
  • What features in your mattress should be particularly worried about?
  • What is the wish-list of features you want in a mattress?
  • What are the GEOVITAL mattresses made from to fit our goals with health clients?
  • What model might appeal most to you?

Available for you to watch right now.