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Only for certified Building Biologists and EMRS
(Sunday 18th and 25th June for Americas time-zone)

FULL, Sorry

Understand the GEOVITAL approach and the high quality solutions
you too can make available to your clients

It is undeniable, the path that has led GEOVITAL to where it is now, is unique. An approach in which the long-term holistic benefits to the health clients of our natural health clinic was paramount. It has led us to some important distinctions in regards to EMF assessment and successful mitigation of radiation sources and other issues affecting the sleeper. Centred around the logic that sleep is key regenerative time and that this is the key to supporting those with serious or chronic health issues and those wishing to protect their health.

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Patrick van der Burght at the Geovital Academy Sulzberg

Without relinquish any philosophies learned from Building Biology, you and your clients, can benefit greatly from absorbing some of these distinctions in your approach in addition to what you are already doing, if you wish.

That is what these 2 sessions are about. They are to educate the EMF professional about the additional knowledge that you can benefit from by understanding the logic of our approach and making high quality GEOVITAL products available in your approach to assist your clients. We’d love to see you incorporate our solutions in your product offering to clients and build our relationship from there.

We and you, need more help

GEOVITAL receives many inquiries from across the globe. Even in the countries in which we have representation, we often have blank spots where we just don’t have people close enough. Instead of letting these cries for help go unassisted, we would much rather refer these families to professionals who may not yet be an official GEOVITAL representative, but have a thorough understand of our approach and can help these families with an investigation of the home and council them on which investment in mitigation makes most sense.

We would like to think that once you have spent some time with us, using this online meeting environment, you can get to know us and we can get to know you. There are various ways you can work with us and those are best described in the ‘the business side’-tab on the live-workshop page. If you wish, with no restrictions on offering competing brands, you could benefit from what we have to offer. Depending on how the relationship develops, you may see yourself become the recipient of assessment inquiries from your area, directed at us.

Learn about radiation EMF and Geopathic stress

Investigation and mitigation of EMF radiation is a valuable skill for many professionals


Why use an ‘online’ classroom?

Online EMF course in progress.

Online EMF course in progress.

Rather than waiting to meet you in person, or asking you to come to one of our live-workshops, we can meet relatively quickly using an online video conferencing environment. You can partake from the comfort of home, the office, or even on the go using a mobile device.

This program is considerably shorter than our full online course or live-workshop as we don’t have to discuss many of the EMF related subjects you already know so well. There are inevitably a few ingredients missing compared with our live-workshop, like the practical training to test, identify and mitigate geopathic stress. This sadly excludes you from being an official Geovital consultant listed on our website as you haven’t learned all the skills needed to offer all the ingredients that make for a Geovital-style home assessment. You can however enrich your approach on EMF issues, their mitigation and utilise the benefits of our health mattresses for your clients. Perhaps we can grow an interest in you to come an do our live-workshop, mainly to learn the practical Geopathic Stress assessment side of the approach.  After this, if you wish, we’d be delighted to see you as an official Geovital Consultants with your own profile on our website. Some common sense conditions apply, ask us about them.

What will we cover in these online GEOVITAL introduction sessions?

We will not touch on why radiation is a problem, how it is generated or explain the different radiation types. We will get into:

  • the small differences in assessment approach Geovital follows
  • the measuring instrumentation Geovital uses and the logic behind them
  • the Geovital shielding solutions, their holistic design and correct application
  • comparing shielding products effectiveness. Most professionals don’t have a full understanding about what test reports mean and how to question their credibility. We will make sure you know and we’ll aim to let you recalculate the graphs shown in this article.
  • an introduction in the theory of geopathic stress.
  • our therapy mattresses and how they form an integral part of a healthy bedroom approach that has served well over 250,000 patients.

Dates and times guide for international participants

Please check the below time references if ALL sessions are suitable for you. Swapping between online sessions is not automatically possible due to restrictions in numbers. Sign up for a program of which all dates and times meet your availability.

This table may be incorrect as Daylight Savings time changes can cause errors. Please use the Melbourne time and a simple google search to check what time it is in Melbourne.

To prevent missing out on information, please allow for 5 to 6 hours per session.

Session Melbourne
eg Los Angeles
eg Chicogo
eg New York
Central Europe Mumbai
One Mon 19th  June
Sun 18th June
Sun 18th June
Sun 18th June
Sun 18th  June
Mon 19th
June 1:30am
Two Mon 26th June
Sun 25th June
Sun 25th June
Sun 25th June
Sun 25th June
Mon 26th
June 1:30am


The online program consists of 2 sessions of about 5 to 6 hours with Patrick van der Burght, shared with typically a maximum of 4 people. You will need an internet connection, a webcam or mobile device and headset with microphone to participate.

The registration fee is U$190

SPECIAL: For participants from the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who attend these 2 sessions,  U$150 of the registration fee is refunded after having attended and completed the 2 sessions, OR the full U$190 can be used as a credit towards purchases.

The fee includes:

  1. presentation slides book to taking notes
  2. the ability to attend a future live-workshop in Melbourne (Australia) or Sulzberg (Austria) as a ‘repeater’ for half price.
Happy working in a healthier office environment

Learn about EMF radiation from the comfort of your home, office (or smart phone).

The fee is payable when registering and as places are limited, the fee is not refundable closer than 6 weeks from the starting date. Conditions apply, see registration form for details.

Contact Patrick van der Burght for more information or view the registration form.

With only a few spots, and a world-wide audience, spots can fill up fast. We also need to post you some items, meaning you may not receive those in time if signing on closer then 2 weeks prior.

So, if the dates/times suit:

  1. read the conditions on the registration form and
  2. register by sending it in by scan and post it to our PO Box,
  3. send along a copy of your Building Biology Certificate, EMRS Certificate or IBE 210 or 310 certificate, and
  4. pay by using the below link to Paypal.


Satelit mat offer
deal with Geopathic Stress for daytime areas and verify function yourself

Satellit range example

The Satelit mat, against geopathic stress, is for daytime areas only. Depending on its orientation the size of the cleared area varies.

We can’t teach you how to identify and measure Geopathic Stress in an online program, but we should be able to show you how to verify the presence of geopathic stress and the disappearance of the same geopathic stresses when you put our Satelit mat in place. Copper L-rods react to the electrical changes in the person holding them. Once we show you how to hold them, you too can go through your lounge room and witness your body reacting to geopathic stresses. When you then place the Satelit mat flat on the ground, you can check the area again and realise the disturbances are gone. For participants of this online program, we will discuss Geopathic Stress in theory, but for those wanting to try a little hands-on introduction, learning how to ‘install’ a satelit mat can be a fun and eye opening experience.

Along side the payment of your online course, you can purchase a Satelit mat valued at around AU$460 (U$348) for just AU$298 (about U$225). We will include a Geovital Theravital Mattress Sample valued at AU$95 (U$60) as well.

That is about AU$550 worth of value for just AU$298 including shipping. The mattress sample gives you an opportunity to see and feel the quality of our mattresses and make it easier for you to demonstrate the logic of the stretch-effect and convince others of the desirability of these mattresses. If you’d like to take up this offer, just ask us and we’ll send you a Paypal money request to settle payment.



NOTE: Scheduled sessions must be attended. Missed sessions cannot automatically be redone during future sessions. If a scheduled session doesn’t fit your availability, then please register for a later program in which they do.

WARNING: The online program alone does not qualify you to be an official Geovital consultant (with online profile) just yet as you are missing some additional training (mainly regarding Geopathic Stress) which you must experience in one of our Live-workshops first.